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Re: If TNA hadn't fucked Anderson's character

Originally Posted by thisisgil View Post
TNA didn't fuck Anderson's character, ANDERSON fucked Anderson's character.
It's pretty well established that the bigger performers have a lot more creative freedom than they would in the "other" organisation and essentially Anderson is in a rut, because he has become stale through doing the same thing every week.Look at it this way: If he's on the show every week, after a year, you've seen the same guy come out and do minor variations on the same microphone gimmick FIFTY TWO times (plus 12 more for PPVs).

The best thing for Anderson right now is to be written off-screen for a decent amount of time (maybe even until Lockdown), and either come back as a full-on babyface or full-on heel as the culmination of a big "mystery person" storyline. Tweener Anderson doesn't work for me really.
agree with this

he is a perfect fit for WWE as he would have tightly scripted promos again and is charasmatic enough to deliver them with his catchphrases and be over but just doesn't work for him in TNA
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