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Re: That Was It?

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
The sad part about Ryback is that he hasn't actually done much to get the responses he has. He only does squashes so he doesn't offer much actual wrestling. He pretty much only has a catch phrase, so he hasn't offered any mic work.
It isn't sad, it actually impressive. Tensai got put over stars and got nowhere. Ryback beats people who have wrestled 1 match in WWE and it was against Ryback, and he soars in popularity. You'd have absolutely bitched he was getting pushed too hard with the rationalization being that he beat legit people. Instead you're bitching that he's getting pushed too hard. . . by beating nameless jobbers?

And he has 3 catch phrases. "Wake up", "Feed me more", and "finish it". The crowd hasn't entirely caught on to "wake up" yet, but they have with the other two already.

Finally, "mic work" has become massively overrated on here. He doesn't need to trot out and bore us with a 15 minute soap box session every week. When Ryback comes out, I want to see him destroy someone, not whine about his status for 10+ minutes twice a night. Quite frankly, I'm happy he doesn't waste my time with any more inane ramblings than are already polluting the show enough as it is.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Ryback fans are like Glee fans, they love their songs because they never heard of the original
Same here, if you watched Goldberg you understand why Ryback is so embarrassing
k, so if anything good comes along after something better's come along, it's somehow demoted to dogshit status by default?

Why do you even watch then? Nobody out there now is better than the guys in the past. Just watch old Raw tapes each monday instead and spare us from your old man "back in my day" bullshit that nobody ever wants to hear.

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