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Re: Stone Cold responds to CM Punk insulting him in Raw

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
And yet he does it in the same show, to the same guy (only OLDER), that he made the comment in, and week before he verbally assaulted another old guy, and a week before that attacked yet another different old guy. Oh, and he attacked another old guy (Lawler) multiple times the couple weeks before that.

First of all, heels are supposed to ignore if they are being hypocritical.

Secondly Punk has mainly feuded with Cena, who is to him what Rock was to Austin in terms of wrestling competitors. Austin's biggest feud wasn't with Rock though, so Punk actually did have a point.

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Yeah. Punk would get completely destroyed. Austin would never allow him to sit there and run his mouth for 5 minutes to their face like everyone does now without inserting a bunch of "What?"s to make him look stupid, or a stunner the split second he starts to insult him.
Austin would let him speak as much as needed to have a great show. This isn't real, it's scripted entertainment, and Austin didn't pick Punk to perhaps be his opponent in a final match just to have a one-sided feud.

And if anything the "what?" thing won't look too good on a guy like Punk. That works when the opponent isn't telling the truth but if he does it comes across as a lack of being able to handle it intelligently. That's why the promo work can be interesting, because Austin will have to play it right not to come across as the unintelligent of the two.

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