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Re: Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Discussion Thread, SPOILERS)

Decent episode - Slow progression which isn't exactly a bad thing. I generally find SOA to be at it's worst when they're trying to cram in 1000000 things per episode. I generally hate Gemma now. Not because of her character either, just her always being there and serving no purpose whatsoever. I was originally hoping for the Gemma/Clay break up to tear Jax in half - Does he side with his mother, the only woman that has always and will always be there for him. Or does he side with Clay for the sake of the club, the same club that has been at the forefront of his life ever since he was born. At first it seems like an easy enough question, because most men would side with their mother over the man that got his father killed and is just generally a scumbaggish' piece of shit. But I think Sutter could produce some really great internal conflict, especially if they refer back to JT's diaries about refer back to how the club was EVERYTHING to JT.

On the discussion a few pages back, I don't mind Opie dying simply because of how he went. He had nothing more to lose. He lost his wife, he lost his father and he never really had his kids because the club always came first for him. He went out how he should have went out, and as much as Opie was my favourite character, I'm happy that he went out like that in the beginnings of the season than just being a victim of a home invasion and dying that way, be it directly through the home invasion or because of retaliation.

I think we needed to see Pope once or twice during the show, I completely forgot he had a role to play until after the show, but I guess with the re-introduction of the Irish, Roosevelt's and his wife, as well as Nero and Romeo, it would have been really crowded. Hopefully they pick up on Pope's involvement next week and they put Nero to one side and focus solely on the direct beef/issues they have at the minute with the Irish, Roosevelt (I presume) Pope and Romeo.

It has the potential to become very interesting once all of these different factors meet in the middle and collide and we find out allegiances and whatever. It will just be interesting to see how, or even if, they do bring all of these catalysts (Nero, Roosevelt, Romeo, Nero, The Irish, Clay/Gemma, Home Invasions, Jake) together to create one big clusterfuck - Which can end up really good, or can end up really bad.

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