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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Rise Above Nipples, Punk Punches Bitches

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Yeah but a villain that looks good once in a while doesn't work nearly as well as a villain who looks great a lot of the time. Its just common sense.

And unfortunately, while he did kick out of several AAs, the way he lost the match at NoC made him look like a chump. Cena pretty decisively beat him. Its not like Punk grabbed the tights or had Heyman hold Cena's leg, to show that Punk deliberately cheated and thus was still in the dominant position. Cena pinned him fair and square and Punk won because of a technicality he basically just stumbled across in defeat. I found that took a LOT of wind out of his sails because its like he fell flat on his face into victory. Its just not appealing having a villain who looks like a joke in that respect. I thought the way he won at Summerslam was WAY better, because he did it through pure heel tactics that made him look legit.
Yes, it would work better if Punk was booked more like his face character in that regard. I just don't think the current situation is quite as terrible as you do.

I have no problem with him almost losing. Him and Cena are supposed to be fairly equal, which makes it believable that Cena can come out on top as well as Punk can. NoC was a PPV where Cena got the better of it, but still didn't manage to pull if off. They still had a close match where they both kicked out of each other's finisher twice and got out of the submissions. At Summerslam I don't think Punk won in a heelish way at all. He won according to the rules and we've seen faces win in similar fashion in triple threat matches. It was about as clean of a win as you get without pinning Cena since it was still Punk taking Cena out of the match long enough for him to win.

So I don't have any problems with the PPV booking, I just think they aren't playing it right in all the build up shows. Right now it looks like Punk is the one going into HIAC to defy the odds.
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