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Classic Jobbers: The Mulkeys

There was a time in wrestling not so long ago when jobbers were regularly employed. The vast majority of jobbers were singles competitors, but there was a tag team of two brothers who were regular jobbers in the JCP/WCW days. Randy and Bill Mulkey even had a reverse Goldberg gimmick that tracked their record as a tag team. Their record reportedly reached 0-180 before their first win (see below). This gimmick actually worked, and the pair attracted a following which was later dubbed "Mulkeymania" in parody of Hulkamania.

The Mulkey brothers looked the part they played. They were probably the only wrestlers in the 1980s to NOT be suspected of steroid abuse as they had virtually no physiques to speak of. It seemed plausible that any two fans out of the audience could pair up and squash these guys.

Here are some matches of theirs including probably the two most important in their career as THE jobber tag team of the 1980s:

This match here is famous for two things.

1) It was the biggest mismatch in tag team history.
2) It was the biggest squash in wrestling history.

LOD was like two Goldbergs on one team. To match them up with two puds like the Mulkeys seemed (kayfabe) sadistic.

Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez squash the Mulkeys. It was so easy that Manny just decided he would sqush them 2vs 1:

They even got hired by Vince to do tag team jobs:

But, the most note worthy match of theirs was the following:

The Gladiators were George South and Gary Royal. What is odd about this match is that it effectively ended their gimmick. In a polar opposite of unstoppable monster pushes where the first loss kills the momentum, the Mulkeys lost their niche by winning a match. It just wasn't the same after that.

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