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Re: Help with studies.

Originally Posted by sarnobat View Post
(I'm simplifying for the sake of explanation, but anyway...)

There are basically 2 types of careers (excluding athletic): academia and professional.
  • Professional studies (and applied sciences) are more useful if you want to land a "proper" job (doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, accounting, architect, journalism ...).
  • Academia (arts, fundamental sciences and humanities) doesn't lead directly to many jobs. Only research or teaching that subject (biology, classical studies, history, philosophy, English, political science, physics...).

Okay, that's a simplification, people with a degree in English can work for national newspapers etc, but the career path is not so obvious.

So in response to my comment that business is more useful than sciences, that's the reason why. Professional studies lead to proper jobs, academic studies do not.

Some interesting personal notes though:
1) arts degrees are great for growing as a person. But since money is limited for attending college you have to worry about your career first and foremost
2) I took maths, further maths, chemistry and physics at A-level and am now a computer programmer. But combined those A-levels barely helped me at all. I actually found Latin and English the most useful for being a programmer (and I was terrible in English).
3) University admissions committees require certain A-level subjects for their degree, but that doesn't mean you need the content of those subjects actually matters. And when it comes to getting a job, having ANY degree is 80% of the challenge overcome (it gives you credibility). The actual degree you take may matter a lot less because you learn 'on the job'. I emphasize that's personal experience - you don't want to be a surgeon and not know how a heart works :|

BTW, I seriously recommend you have a look at this page. I wish I knew about this at age 16: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...ic_disciplines
Thanks mate. I'll look over the page in just a bit. Props.

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
I don't mean to sound patronizing here but there's a difference between criminal story books, criminology even, and studying the law. Criminal law is just one aspect that you will have to cover. You're also going to have to learn EU Law, land law, torts, equity, property law, constitutional law and the laws of evidence. It isn't all just about criminal law and criminal law itself, while it sometimes does feel like an episode of law and order lol, it gets highly technical. Again, writing essays is a skill but writing legal essays is a different skill. If you're already good at writing regular essays then you should at least have a foundation to build on for legal essay writing. The essays are only half of the course though. The other half consists of problem questions, i.e CM Punk attacked an innocent fan, John, but he was provoked by a different fan, Peter, for instance. Advise CM Punk, John and Peter on the legal issues at hand lol. Studying law isn't something I'd recommend somebody do on a whim. It can get very soul destroying at times and I'm being deadly serious in saying that.
I understand lol. I guess I'll do well in the main subjects first since I can still choose subjects in college or university.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
IGCSE IT is a joke

studied for it the day before and managed an A

swept the other 7 subjects with A stars

You made the right choice with the subjects. You chose the maths, sciences and English first language. Get those done and we'll see how the A levels go

It's not easy for everybody.
Besides, the class is fun in ways, the teacher teached us how to crack into WEP WiFi connection.

Originally Posted by FosterJemini View Post
Perhaps, I'm the first one here to suggest a fine arts degree...
I'll take a look into that. Thanks anyways.
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