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Re: Bill Goldberg: Star or just hype?

Well, I may have exaggerated about anybody being able to make the streak work. As long as the charisma and connection to the crowd is there, it can be done.

I just feel that the Goldberg appeal starts and stops with the streak, as nothing outside of that was remarkable. Sure, he was over but not to the level that people claim. And when I look back at guys with the unstoppable monster gimmick, I look at Rhyno, Vader, Brock Lesnar, as all had enough strengths to cover up their weaknesses.

All in all, I think a streak gimmick is detrimental to the build up of a wrestler. Because, if he has enough flaws to cause fans to question his abilities, it's harder to view the feat in the same light once those flaws are exposed. And thats because it's all you have to judge him on, in a positive manner.

For example, Undertaker has the streak and most newer fans rank him high based solely on that. But, WM wins aside, Undertaker was an all around phenomenal performer, with enough strengths to completely cover up his weaknesses, if any. If you have a guy close enough to complete, a streak gimmick will work. But if you're not a good worker and the streak ends, it comes off as "right place, right time". You have nothing to fall back on because the streak is what got you to the top and when you have to rely on actual skill, you're doomed because your lack of skill was hidden for so long.

Also, green rep @ KO Bossy for having an intelligent debate.

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