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Re: Slater, Mahal & McIntyre Faction

I can't believe people are actually praising this stable...seriously? what the fuck.

All 3 men are talented individually but there is literally no reason for them all to be together. They have no connection with each other whatsoever. They are all too completely different and it seems as if WWE just threw all of these guys together because they wanted them on TV but didn't know what to do with them.

The worst thing of all is they are thrown under Slater's gimmick...of all the fucking gimmicks out of the three, they pick Slater's. It makes no sense. Mahal only a few weeks ago had the character of a rich American hating Indian and now he is going around doing air guitar....what the fuck! Do you not get how stupid it looks? Its a complete 180 jump which makes no fucking sense! At least if they went with Mcintyre's old chosen one gimmick and Slater/Mahal be like his sort of accomplices it could realistically work even with the gimmicks which are completely different...but no, they pick the most outlandish gimmick of all and stick all 3 under the umbrella! Way to fucking go! I don't even think this will do anything for Slater because he cannot pull off being a stable leader and looks stupid as one. He is better as the heel joke jobber and pulls it off really well.

This will do nothing for any of the 3 men and will be over fast. A huge flop, just you wait.

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