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Jeff Hardy Conference Call Report Ė BFG, Contract, WWE

Conference Call with Jeff Hardy
-Hardy spoke about the surprise of Austin Aries winning the TNA Title and his lifestyle changes and his role in the locker room.

-Hardy was asked whether thereís anything he has left to accomplish in his career. He said becoming TNA Champion one more time.

-A caller asked about working with a smaller wrestler in Austin Aries and whether he needs to adapt his style for the Bound For Glory match. Hardy said itís probably the thing heís looking forward to. Hardy mentioned working with Shannon Moore back in the OMEGA days and said heís looking forward to getting back to his roots.

-Hardy praised Dixie Carter for the faith sheís shown in him. He said he believes he was sitting in the slammer around this time last year wondering what his future would be. He said becoming champion wasnít important to him at that time, but his goal was to come back and have the best matches he could possible have and he feels heís done that. He said fatherhood has been the key thing that has changed him. ďWhen it comes to my daughter and protecting, I never realized love could be so strong and that just makes life in general better,Ē Hardy said.

-Hardy said heís never lost control of his ego even though it would have been easy to. He said heís never changed.

-Hardy was asked whether he would be interested in working with Billy Corgan on a music project. Hardy said he loves Corgan. He said they spoke about Corganís Resistance Pro indy wrestling group the last time they spoke. Hardy said his own band has four produced songs. He said he and Corgan share the love of music. Hardy said his own band Peroxwhy?gen hope to have the music available by the end of the year.

-Hardy said he wrote a song when Matt Hardy started in TNA that turned into Reptilian. He said the song fits with what heís doing now with his face paint and heís looking forward to debuting the song as an entrance theme. He said heís debuted new entrance music two years in a row and believes heíll be the only wrestler to debut his own new entrance music three years in a row.

-Hardy said he doesnít really have a plan for when heíll leave wrestling. He said heís afraid of getting hurt more than ever because itís so cool to be a father. He said his daughter watches his matches and says, ďHardy, Hardy,Ē and that makes him want to continue to wrestle because she enjoys it.

-Hardy said Chris Jericho is a huge inspiration due to his music career outside the pro wrestling business.

-Hardy was asked how going live on Thursdays has been. He said itís been a huge step and he hopes to take Impact live on the road whether itís a year or two away. ďI think thatís the next big step for us is to take Impact on the road live every week,Ē Hardy said.

-Hardy said he is reading Booker Tís book. He said he has talked with an author about writing his own autobiography.

-The subject of todayís tag team wrestling scene came up. Hardy said itís important to him. He mentioned the classic TLC matches he had with the Dudleys and Edge and Christian. He said heís waiting for tag wrestling to spark again. He said the Machine Guns and Beer Money had a crazy feud.

-Hardy said working as a heel made his promos easier because it was easy to rip on the fans.

-Hardy listed Jushin Liger as a guy he would like to work with again.

-A caller asked if thereís anyone he has taken any of the young high flyers under his wing in the locker room. He said he praises wrestlers and he likes watching Austin Ariesí matches because he does things he never would have thought of doing. ďNow my thoughts are going to meet his thoughts and thereís no telling whatís going to happen on Sunday,Ē Hardy said. He said it is intimidating to get in the ring with Aries.

-Hardy was asked about his past issues with C.M. Punk. Hardy said heís great and heís so talented itís crazy. He said they are just on opposite pages with their outlook on life. He said they donít stay in touch, but he doesnít have anything bad to say about him.

-Hardy was asked about the pressure of facing Aries in the main event of Bound For Glory. He said thereís a lot of pressure. He said last year he didnít have a match and only had a small spot on the show with Jeff Jarrett after spending ten days in jail. He said itís not going to be easy and he feels a ton of pressure and he hopes he can keep up.

-Hardy was asked if he has anything special in mind as far as his face paint and look for Sunday. He said he has something in mind for underneath the eyelids and it will be memorable if it looks the way it does in his mind.
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