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Re: Recent Incident With WWE Superstar And Vince McMahon Leads To Creative Changes

I'd like to think that the pressure has been building over the past year with a lot of things when it comes to Vince and change. He lost a lot of top level stars in Batista, Edge, Jericho. His man crush Shawn Michels retired. One of the pillars of the company for practically the past 2 decades almost has both feet out the door. His son in law has a firm foot planted out the door and a firm foot planted in the office, his office. He's making waves. He's making changes. He's making a difference. His number 1 guy in John Cena is falling apart. Rey Mysterio is falling apart and when he goes the potential to lose a lot of their hispanic market goes too. Randy Orton is on his second strike. CM Punk was so fed up with how things were run that he wanted to leave because he was fed up with the bullshit. All aspects of the business have been steadily falling year by year. He's almost 70 years old and Vince McMahon or not, facing your mortality isn't an easy thing to do. He has grandchildren he no doubt wants to spend his golden years with but at the same time he has a business that is a part of him but that is also starting to feel the effects of horrible decision making from the past. It's all catching up to him right now and like I said, I'd like to think that the pressure has been steadily building.

If that is indeed the case then maybe the rating last week was the final straw and we're set to see some meaningful changes from THE man on top. Punk can do all the complaining he wants but it won't change anything. JR can call upon the talent until he's blue in the face but it won't change anything. Triple H can actually make physical changes to how things are done but he still faces the same roadblock as everybody else. Until the change starts coming from Vince himself, it's all for nothing. Such a drastic move as this, firing or demoting one of your lead guys for over a decade isn't something that is sparked from one conversation with one guy on one night. It's more than likely the culmination of a lot of things imo.

I'd like to think all of this is true but then again, until we actually SEE things start to change, this is all speculative bullshit lol. Having said that, Vince most definitely had a fire inside him on Raw last night. It was very evident and I think he was trying to send a personal message to everybody in the back that shits going down lol. At least, I'd like to think so...
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