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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Rise Above Nipples, Punk Punches Bitches

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
Flair never came off looking like a pussy?

Begging off in nearly every match makes you look strong, I suppose.

I'm not explaining this all again. Go read my long post several pages back if you feel like understanding what I'm talking about. Back then, the booking allowed Flair to run like a coward and still maintain his heat, when you had guys like the Horsemen backing him up. He looked in control, like a dastardly heel, and things were 95% of the time going exactly as he'd planned.

In no way, shape or form is this how Punk is coming off now. He fell flat on his face into victory at NoC, he runs away every Raw (sometimes multiple times in the same episode), any heat he gets from his awesome promos is basically gone by the end of the night. He looks like a whiny loser, something Flair never did.

IMO, the booking is completely ass backwards right now. Why would you build your heel up like a chump every week on TV when most people are watching and then expect them to buy the PPV, where the heel then finally wins? Logic would dictate that you should make the heel look awesome on TV so people will buy the PPV to see him lose, and either have the heel win using some underhanded means, or give the audience what they paid for and have him lose, thus concluding the feud.

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