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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Bit more general info for people
This comes from ThreeG who is one of the admin's for Caws:

Just going to say now, I did NOT play too much of Attitude Mode as I didn't want to spoil it for myself, I mostly just played around with everything else.

The main thing I was asked to check was if CAW mode is the same, and from what I could see, it was. We do have a handful of new hairs, and new 3D facial hairs. But thats about all I could see, although I didn't give it the greatest look through.

I wont bother saying about Championships since we saw them all in the IGN vid, so I'll jump to the Championship Editor, which is exactly what it is. You can't 'create' from scratch, it's just Superstar Threads for titles. You get two colour options; Strap, and plates. The side plates and centre plate is ONE colour option. So if you want different colour side plates, you've had it.
You can edit any in-game belt plus a handful of customly-made titles too.
They have call-names you stick together, for example "Light Heavyweight - Hardcore - Champion", or something to that effect. They do seem to have quite a lot of pre-set names, which is good. You also choose the gender, and if it's singles/tag titles.
Oh yeah, I may be wrong but from what I could hear the Internet Championship was announced as the "WWE Championship". Don't hold me to it, it was hard to hear anything.

New Championship Entrances:
Kelly Kelly (holding it over her head), Alberto Del Rio (amazing, so much better than his normal entrance), Cody Rhodes (Also amazing, one of my favourites), The Miz (Again, amazing and owns his normal entrance), Daniel Bryan (You'll be happy to hear he goes on the correct turnbuckle).
Edit: Steve Austin. Missed him!

New "Superstar" Entrances:
Trent Barreta's is the one I remember the most, we do have about 5 new entrances, one looked like Johnny Curtis, one who comes out praying (Not Yoshi), one who lays on the apron as pyro goes off.

We also still have Daniel Bryan's 12 entrance, Natalya's 12 entrance is in still, so I imagine she'll have a new one with her DLC model.

Oh yeah and new Kane's entrance isn't new at all, it has no smoke, nothing. It's just the entrance we got a few games back.

New Come-Backs:
Sheamus, The Big Show (Ends in a spear), CM Punk, also John Morrison's is still in, listed as "Superstar".

New Moves:
Lots of basic moves, which is great. Stuff like snapmare then elbow to the shoulder blade, Jack Swagger press-ups on the guys back, headstand taunt, headstand rear naked choke, Rey Mysterio's diving splash IS in, he just doesn't have it has a sig/finisher, for whatever reason. New Lita kickout DDT, Kelly's whirllybird head scissors, basically hurricanrana, new cobra WITH snake sleeve, new 3 amegios, D-Bry's corner kicks, new Rock DDT, there are 2 new spears, breaking point surfboard, X-Pac bodyslam into snap legdrop, just to name a few.

Everybody gets 3 finishers, the 3rd is an "impact" finish for commentator table, from what I could tell. But you can do it in the match, say for example you have 2 diving finishers, and you try a standing finisher, you'll do your 3rd. Thats how it seemed, anyway.

Catching Finishers:
AA. G2S, Worlds Strongest Slam, Sweet Chin Music (Think Shelton Benjamin), RKO, Codebreaker, Tombstone, Chokeslam (Big Show's),
You also get catching reversals in general, I only saw a Fall Away Slam, but I'm sure I saw a backbreaker done by someone else.

Alt Attires:
Daniel Bryan has his white gear, WITH entrance jacket. Mankind has his brown outfit, Cena has his Rise Above Hate outfit. Can't say more than that, sadly, as I didn't want to unlock and spoil stuff for myself.

You can change the date of your PPV, but it must be a Sunday. So if you want it on the first Sun of the month, you can. If you want it on the last, you can.
"minor" (Superstars) shows seem to have 1 match extra than last year.
You can make a minor or major show any day of the week, major obv. has titles, while minor doesn't.
There are a lot more brand logos, such as XFL (for real), WWE network, etc.

You can manually change the contenders now, but you would have saw that in the newest IGN video.

I did have a lot more to say, but the trailer has pretty much said it all, with the title histories, etc. Every title has its own real life list.

Silver ECW title lists how many times Christian held it, Swagger and Mark Henry, then the WWE title lists how many times Cena, etc has been champion. Basically its whatever design they held, as I'm pretty sure Kane wasn't listed on the sliver ECW title.
-- Not sure if this actually updates if you go and make Primo a champion, or if its ALWAYS real life rankings.

You can default your Universe, and turn on/off certain storylines. So if you don't want interference stories, you can turn them off. If you don't want tag split up stories, you can turn them off.

Create a Finisher:
Didn't give it an amazing look, but from what I could see it was the same 'ol. It has some new stuff, such as a standing DX taunt, or Taker cut throat to start the finisher off.

Create an Entrance:
Creating a stage is AMAZING, you can do so much, you can start with a WM stage, and strip it so bare. There is so much you can do here I didn't even scratch the surface. Also the smaller ROH looking crowd looks fantastic, such a different feel. This is probably the best create-a-feature in the game.

One of the main things for me, was AI do NOT break up moves anymore. I played a ton of 3 and 4 man matches, and not once did they come over and randomly break up my move.

Something I didn't quite like; remember when someone runs at you, and you press grapple, you catch them in a rebound grapple. So people can't spam the spear, HHH high knee, etc? Well, its not quite like that anymore.

So if they spam running at you, you can't always catch them in a powerslam, like in 12.

You can start the match and clothesline them, and it WILL connect right away, unlike in 12 where it wouldn't connect until they were on orange. Thats quite a bummer for me, as I liked the idea of having to wear them down a little before being able to running strikes.

New move position! downed in the ropes aka 619 position, which has Mark Henry's drive through the ropes, landing on the outside, and a ton of other moves such as chokes, knee's to the back, etc.

For people who wanted to know:

Universe still has the Free Agent option....people in this option will show up as surprises during Universe

It also has an Inactive list/option...which means we can get rid of some people

And Some things I got from Bryan Williams Twitter

Barretts Tied up in the Ropes Running boot is in
Bryans Running dropkick is in
An-cole lock is still in (Thank fuck for that)
The Lionsault DLC is a ground grapple with pin option
Still only 50 CAW slots
And my favourite

3 man brood entrance is in

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