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Survivor Series 2012 Predictions

So, WWE got a chance to create the most interesting SS for the last few years.

Team McMahon
John Cena, Ryback, Bryan, Kane and Orton

Team Heyman
CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Rhodes, Sandow and Cesaro(I HOPE RANDY TURNS HEEL SOON and REPLACE CESARO)

Imagine, Punk, Rhodes and Sandow attacking Cena, team Hell No comes in and takes out on Punk and Rhodes Scholars. Cesaro enters and hits with a chair Kane & Bryan, 4 man are doing their finishers to Cena until .. Orton enters to save the day but too late. He gets kicked by four man while trying to slide in the ring until.. FEED ME! Ryback enters and the so called Team Cena takes the advantage. On the entrance ramp we see Paul Heyman running and screaming while his team is getting their ass kicked in the ring.


Lesnar is walking fast, throws his T-Shirt and enters in the ring. Lesnar enters in the ring as uncocky heel against 4 standing man.(Cena is laying) Orton tries to attack first, but gets thrown from the ring, Hell No attacks second and eats double clothesline. Ryback is the last standing member, Lesnar walks toward him fearless. Staredown for few seconds(both are 6'3). Cena is on his knees. He steps right to Ryback 2v1 against Lesnar. Lesnar leaves the ring while CM Punk is right next to Heyman, sitting on the ramp with the WWE title.
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