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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Rise Above Nipples, Punk Punches Bitches

RAW of the F'N Year.

Where do I start with this amazing RAW? John Cena opening the show was a great decision. He was funny, he made people laugh, he was entertaining. He really pumped the crowd up. It was hard to boo for Cena and it showed last night. The boos started but half way through the promo they just disappeared. I like that the promo didn't drag on. It was only 5 or 6 minutes long. Great opening promo by Cena.

I don't care what anyone says that Brodus Clay/R-Truth segment. Hilarious. I mus say Little Jimmy has some moves!

And then holy shit, we're not even an hour in and Punk slaps McMahon right across the face. You just got to love that McMahon selling. One minute he's laying dead on the floor then he just springs back up.

Wade Barrett and Sheamus was a brutal brawl. Loved every moment of it. Sheamus took a sick fall at the end though. I hope he didn't suffer a concussion or anything. He looked like he hit the back of his head.

Team hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio, match of the night for sure. The best TV match of the year. It started of really fast paced and there was a lot of no selling (especially from Ziggler) but it then slowed down. I loved how Ziggler and Del Rio were just working on Daniel Bryan. It added a lot to the match. The cutting the ring in half method is really the best approach to tag team wrestling in terms of psychology. This match was full of legit near finishing moments where you thought the match was over (e.g. Kane going for the double chokeslam) It was just exciting and the crowd loved every moment of it.

After that things were starting to feel boring but hey after that awesome tag match, that's normal right? If it weren't for this amazing crowd last night then RAW would have really taken a big, stink nose dive into a pile of shit after that match but somehow they made that Larry King segment seem good. It really shows how much a crowd could make a crappy segment seem even more crapier or as the case was last night, a crappy segment seem good.

The backstage segment with Kane/D-Bryan was funny. Divas match was solid. Now main event time. Honestly, they fucked up the ending but who cares? Seeing McMahon go all badass on punk for a few minutes kind of masks it. Kind of. I love the Ryback push. The fans wants Ryback. The "Feed me more" chants were clearly indicate.

All in all it was a damn fine RAW. Full of excitement. For those saying it resemble an Attitude Era style RAW, no it didn't. It was clearly within the confines of PG. We got a PG show last night. Not a G rated show. Last night's RAW was well written, everyone played their part to perfection but most importantly the people that really made RAW feel special last night (at least to me) were the fans. They blew roof off the damn building and were standing up the entire 3 hours. Last night the fans in attendance were real wrestling fans. And by that I don't mean they spend half their times on the internet discussing wrestling and reading no dirtsheets. No, what I mean is that the fans last night were kids, teens, grown men and women who all shared a common bond- a love for pro wrestling.

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