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Re: Recent Incident With WWE Superstar And Vince McMahon Leads To Creative Changes

Good. Because the writing does suck. At times I'm in awe at how bad it is.

It seems creative meetings mostly consist of a bunch of people sitting around a big table, upon which a magic hat has been placed. Inside the magic hat are 3 cards:

"Generic Cowardly heel"
"Babyface who overcomes the odds"
"irrelevant midcarder"

One guy goes deep into the hat and pulls out a card, gives it to a superstar, and says "That's what you'll be doing for the immediate future. Miller time?"

They've turned CM Punk into a default, cowardly heel. His promos have been great, but his character has been damaged. John Cena asked "Who is CM Punk?" a few weeks ago; well the answer is whoever creative want him to be. But they have had zero creativity when writing for Punk all Summer.

They got a guy who comes out with an imaginary friend who is going through puberty. That's just ridiculous! It's even more absurd when you consider that "Little Jimmy" started as just a symbol of John Cena's fan base. As soon as "Little Jimmy" lost the Cena connection, no one cared.

They got a big white guy dancing around like he's a big black guy. And that seems to be his only real purpose in life. Brodus desperately needs a feud.

People keep talking about how much talent Ziggler has, and it's true; but he keeps showing off then losing his matches. Heels need to win sometimes to build up the idea that they may actually be competetion.

And finally, Bryan and Kane may work great together, but Raw literally ended last week with them shouting into each other's faces, "I am the Tag Team Champions!" over and over. That ended Raw. That...

Who in the world would be excited to tune into next week after that!? I tune in every week because I'm a "loyal" fan I guess, and I can't imagine my Monday nights without Monday Night Raw. But all of that above is never going to win over new fans or keep the casuals excited.
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