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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Rise Above Nipples, Punk Punches Bitches

Originally Posted by moonmop View Post
It's not about the "Attitude era" or anything like that in my opinion. All they did last night was copy a formula from that time period...and it worked...again. Don't know how much more evidence Vince needs that, the reason the 90's worked, and the reason last night worked is people like to watch segments like the final one.

You don't have to go to any "attitude era" to put on a good show. You just have to have exciting segments, with drama, anxiety, and intrigue. The final 15 minutes much like the 90's had it. THAT is the answer Vince, to all your problems.
agreed. Intense segments with so much going on is what makes it interesting to watch. MITB 2011 Punk vs Cena was a great match not because of the wrestling alone, but because of all the drama that was behind it, which made the whole match very entertaining to watch, it was the reason they had to put on a great match. These days the show lacks much intensity, which is the real reason 'Attitude' Era was popular. They needed to top WCW and so they decided to have much more attitude in their shows, much more extreme, which made them top WCW. Well they know how its done, they can stay in PG while also adding lots of intensity. Just because the target is kids doesn't mean they can't make it more interesting.

Oh, and to the people saying Punk looked weak in that match. The greatest of heels in the past have taken a lot more beating than that from Vince, it doesn't change anything. The way the match went on, with use of weapons, steel posts, etc. It looked realistic despite Vince being that old. At first they clearly showed in the ring that Punk easily dominated Vince, but they also showed Vince as a survivor who took use of the weapons outside the ring to get back at Punk. It made sense.

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