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Re: Official Battle Rap Thread (KOTD, URL, DF, GT etc)

charge it to me, it don't matter if I left my black card in the jeep
'cause I wear my heart on the sleeve of my army fatiques
armed to the teeth, one forearm to your teeth
will leave you seein' stars in your sleep like TMZ sponsored your dreams
plus my right fist light quick like a partical beam
this guy's got songs where he says he sells 30s for 20 'cause he gets them for 10
if that's true, you better dead it my friend
because if you really pitchin hard like Nolan Ryan
or get points off the ki like Kobe Bryant
if you prone to violence, or holdin' iron
you better know the science and abide by your own code of silence

3-0 Osa, but dope battle by Sonny too.

Osa needs to battle a huge name.

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