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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Orlando, Florida

November 26, 2009

TNA Wrestling iMPACT begins this week with a video of the parking garage roller door. Next to the enormous door is a smaller door with an exit sign above it. Text appears on the bottom of the screen saying “Earlier Today”. Kurt Angle walks into the shot with a chair in hand. He sets it up right in front of the entry/exit door and sits down, silent. The only audio the crowd can hear is the buzzing of some electrical equipment in the background while the Olympic Gold medallist no doubt is awaiting the arrival of the man who cost him a shot at the World Heavyweight championship last week, Desmond Wolfe….

The Impact intro plays and we are live at ringside! Pyro goes off in the arena as the fans go crazy for another episode of TNA iMPACT! The commentary team of Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to tonight’s episode, revealing the big time main event that pits World Champion AJ Styles teaming up with Kurt Angle to take on the team of Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe.

The corwd is pumped after last week’s episode, but their cheers almost instantly transform to jeers with the theme music of the brand new #1 Contender to the World Championship, Christopher Daniels. Dressed in a three piece suit and sunglasses, the man deflects the deafening boos from the fans as it seems nobody can put a damper on his day. He shakes his head at the people’s reactions before getting a microphone from ringside to address the iMPACT crowd.

Daniels: Woah, woah woah. Why all the hate people? How wrong you all are. You don’t boo me! You don’t boo the man who last week defeated Kurt Angle. You don’t boo the man who is now next in line to be YOUR World Heavyweight champion. But go ahead boo me. Haha, it doesn’t mean anything to me. You’re all noting but a bunch of naive fools. Fools who have no idea what really goes on behind that curtain. What I’m about to say is not for you people, it’s for those politicians in the back, and most importantly it’s for ME.

The Fallen Angel chooses to ignore the nuclear heat he is getting and continues.

Daniels: Here I stand, in the middle of this ring, at the very beginning of Thursday Night iMPACT. Why? Because like I have just said, I am officially the number one contender to the top prize in this sport. And what a long road it has been to get here, but I guess all good things come to those who wait. And the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels has waited so very long for this moment. Which is nothing but a bunch of BS! I, the greatest in ring performer of THIS or any generation have been a victim of the politics that goes on in this company. But no longer!

The fans, although hating Daniels, seem to be listening to everything he has to say now.

Daniels: Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? I am the greatest and longest reigning X-Division Champion this company has ever known. I am a multi-time World Tag Team Champion with many different teammates. It didn’t matter who I teamed with, I always won gold. And it’s a damn fact that every time I step into this ring, I have a match of the year contender time after time, after time…. After time again! Shut up I’m talking you pathetic sheep!

The iMPACT Zone rains boos down on the man in the ring, each time he taunts them.

Daniels: But how does this company repay me? They fire me! Fire me!? How dare they, how dare they do that to me, the man who made this company what it is today. The man who puts those who step in the ring with me on a higher plane than ever before.

The emotion is pouring out of Daniels as his anger grows with each word. The fans listen intently to everything he is saying. He has violently pulled at his tie, ripped off his sunglasses, and looks down the barrel of the camera lens.

Daniels: So this company has a “Turning Point.” The politicians talk about change, and all of a sudden I am given a title opportunity, because of a match I had in with AJ and Joe in Two thousand frickin’ five! And here is what happens. It is my own best friend , this company’s golden boy who stabs me in the back just when I was about to win the gold, just when my whole life’s journey, my destiny, was about to finally come true. My struggle to even get a title shot is stolen from me by my so-called best friend. AJ Styles you selfish bastard! You stole it from me by stabbing me in the back and betraying me!

More heat from the crowd. Daniels is now looking directly into the camera.

Daniels: All I have ever done my entire career is make him a star. All I’ve ever done is make this company money. Well no more. No more will this company profit off my blood, sweat and tears. Shut up you sheep and listen to the truth! While I sat at home, AJ Styles could have made a simple phone call to Dixie Carter and got me reinstated. But it didn’t happen. And now I know why. Now I know that you were never my friend AJ. You knew I was always better than you. After you used me and got what you wanted, you had to make sure that your biggest threat would not compete against you ever again. Well old friend, I will get what I am owed, I will get what I deserve, because here I stand your next challenger. Your very worst nightmare.

Daniels chuckles at this trying to calm himself down. He rubs his chin before continuing.

Daniels: At Final Resolution, I will take what is rightfully mine which is not just the World Title, but it will also be the career you stole from me. All the glory, all the money, all the fan adulation that should have been mine… after Final Resolution…. Will be! And that’s not just a promise, but that is gospel according to the Fallen Angel.


The fans erupt making Daniels' turn to the stage to see, in street clothes with the World Title over his shoulder, the Phenomenal One, the World Champion, AJ Styles! AJ has a mic and he starts talking before his music finishes or has even gotten down the ramp.

Styles: Are you done Chris? Huh? Are ya finished? I thought I’d let you say your piece before I came out here. I wanted to give you that respect, even though you don’t want to show me any.

Styles steps through the ropes and gets right into his “friend’s” face.

Styles: So are you done? Are you finished rewriting history? I want ta ask you a question. Are you that jealous that you actually believe the BS coming out of your mouth right now? Are ya? I mean c’mon man. Here we are, only a few short weeks away from main eventing a pay-per-view in front of millions of people for the greatest prize in all of wrestling, the TNA World Championship. Something we’ve always talked about on our travels all around the world. And you come out here sprouting this crap! Huh!? What ever happened to let the best man win, huh?

There is a pause between the two men. Styles stares right at Daniels, but Daniels doesn’t even flinch, he raises his microphone ever so slowly to his lips, delivering his retort.

Daniels: You happened… you greedy son of a bitch.

Ooohs can be heard around the iMPACT Zone after the too the point statement from Daniels. But he is far from done.

Daniels: You and your stealing of the spotlight and taking what is rightfully mine time after time after time. You talk about the best man. Huh. For years, the best man had to sit back and let YOU climb the ladder of success. The best man was forced to jerk the curtain, while guys like you were in the main event. The best man was forced to sit at home, while the company that he helped build, that he loves, got bigger and bigger, while guys like you made millions of dollars.

His intensity grows again with every word, the fans are unsure of how to react to the venom Daniels is spitting at his friend.

Daniels: Now the politics cannot stop me. Because last week in front of the whole world, I defeated the Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle. The man that some say is the greatest of all time. I pinned his shoulders to the mat in the middle of this ring. You can’t hide that, the politicians in the back can’t cover it up. They can’t protect you from me any more golden boy. At Final Resolution, I’m going to beat you up worse than Homicide did on Xplosion, just like I will beat you tonight’s main event tag match. I’m going to once again show the world that I will not be stopped.

Styles is just frozen, staring intently at Daniels.He doesn’t know what to say. He can’t even fathom where all of this is coming from. The man he thought was his best friend is spewing out all this hatred towards him in front of the whole world to see and hear.

Daniels: Because I’m not going to pin Angle tonight, no, no, no. I did that last week, tonight I’m going to pin YOUR shoulders AJ. Give these naive fools, these sheep, a preview of Final Resolution. And there is nothing Dixie Carter, Jim Cornette or especially YOU can do to stop me!

Daniels throws the mic at AJ’s chest before his music hits. He simply rolls out of the ring, up the ramp to disappear down the entrance tunnel, never looking back, leaving Styles in the ring speechless as Impact goes to commercial.


We return from commercial Tenay and West talk about what a very frustrated but a very focused and very intense Christopher Daniels had to say to open the show. We go backstage to see Kurt Angle still waiting at the entrance door. The door opens and Angle rises to his feet revealing not Wolfe, but Scott Steiner! The “Big Bad Booty Daddy” walks in with two of his “freaks”, who are wearing very small dresses. The two men lock eyes with Steiner not appreciating the cold welcome. He turns his attention to the girls and tells them that his dressing room is down the hall. Angle sits back on his chair, concentrating once again on the door. Steiner snarls before walking off leaving a still fuming Angle to wait for Wolfe. We go back to ringside…..

Match #1 – Tag Team Contest
Team 3D vs. Chris Sabin and Robert Roode

A video of last week plays showing Beer Money and the Machine Guns putting on a classic match when Team 3D attacked and broke up the match. They proceeded in putting both James Storm and Alex Shelley through tables.

Brother Ray has a mic where he says that they are the roughest, toughest, biggest, baddest tag team on the planet and are gods in this division. So it absolutely sickens them that they are not the tag team champions right now. But what absolutely disgusts them is that apparently there are two teams considered in front of them for a shot at the tag team titles. Ray says there is no one higher on the ladder than Team 3D. There is no one in front of them, because they are and always have been the number one team.

The crowd gives them big time heat as Ray says last week they proved it by taking out the Machine Guns and Beer Money. So tonight, they get to finish the job on Sabin and Roode. “Oh my Brother, Testify!” Devon concludes. Roode and Sabin then walk out, each to their own teams’ theme music. Roode first then Sabin, who joins him at the bottom of the entrance ramp. They give each other a nod and then sprint, diving into the ring, going straight for Devon and Ray. The bell rings and we’ve got ourselves a fight.

Although they aren’t partners, Sabin and Roode have fought each other many times to know very well how the other moves. They are able to dump both members out to the floor to a huge pop from the fans. Sabin then slaps Roode’s arm before bending down. The fans get a catchphrase variation with “Machine!” “Money!” which fires up the fans even more!!! Roode then pulls down the top rope for Sabin to sail over the top knocking both men down! The fans eat this up and go crazy!

Back in the ring, Roode has Ray in trouble with some great moves, but on the apron Sabin calls desperately for the tag. He obviously sees a way that he can come in and do some major damage. But Roode must have a different view preferring to stay in the ring. Sabin throws his hands up in frustration, while Roode knocks Ray down with a clothesline. Devon comes in with a double sledge to Roode from behind!

Team 3D are former twenty plus tag champions for a reason. They take control of the match with quick tags and heavy shots. Ray hands out the bad mouth while Devon dishes out the pain. The ring has been cut off and Sabin is getting a beating. But he refuses to be pinned and kicks out several times. This frustrates the bigger man who seem to be gassing now. Finally, Sabin gets a desperation enziguiri before reaching out to nail a hot tag to Roode who comes in like a house of fire! He levels both men with big shots and back body drops. Roode though begins to be a victim of the numbers game, but Sabin is back up.

Sabin leaps up to the turnbuckles to propel himself like a missile at the deadly duo! Boom! Oh no! He mis-times his shot only blast Roode with a leaping back elbow to the face. Sabin grabs his hair upset at what he has just done, nly to turn around to be cut in half by a big time spear from Devon!!! Roode is then struck down by the 3D! 1..2..3!

Winners: Team 3D

The exhausted Team 3D are not happy though. This is when Ray orders Devon to get the tables, looking to finish the job they started last week. The fans are booing them but the blood thirsty team wants two more bodies in the hospital. They put Roode on the table and then Ray sits on the top turnbuckles where Devon passes Sabin up. The ref tries to stop them but Ray hits the superbomb putting Sabin through Roode, through the table!!! Team 3D’s music hits to signal their triumph here tonight in the iMPACT Zone. They look down at what they have done before walking off to the back finally satisfied. Thumping their chests, trash talking and testifying leaving what looks to be a car wreck in the centre of the 6 sided ring.

We go backstage to see Angle is still waiting for Wolfe when the World Champion AJ Styles walks up to him. AJ says that they are teaming up tonight and maybe they should talk. Angle doesn’t turn his head and continues to look at the door. AJ asks Kurt if he heard him, they have a big match tonight against Daniels and Wolfe. Angle still staring at the door, says he heard AJ just fine. But he doesn’t need to talk. How they beat Daniels and Wolfe tonight is simple. Wolfe isn’t getting to the ring tonight because Angle’s going to break every bone in his body the moment he steps through that door.

Angle then finally, slowly turns his head and rises in front of AJ. “Then the two of us will destroy Daniels in tonight’s tag match. And then I’ll be the one to face you for that title at Final Resolution. And you and I will will finish the business we have between us. How’s that for a “talk”… partner?” There is a stare down between the two before Angle sits again to focus on the door. AJ looks to the sky, sighs and walks off, looking disappointed with his partner tonight.

We go back to Mike Tenay and Don West as they talk about how explosive the main event is going to be. The former Leader of the Frontline and current World Champion will be teaming with the former Godfather of the Main Event Mafia and the man Styles took the Championship from! Then they will have to go against two men who no doubt out of hatred for their opponents will be on the same page! It will be…

Suddenly the live feed has seem to have been hijacked! We can still hear the voices of the commentary team asking what the heck is going on, as a camera goes down some steps into a boiler room or basement seemingly under the iMPACT Zone. In the corner hidden by darkness, sitting on old broken movie props and hideous special effect type monsters long since forgotten, is Raven. He is wearing an unharnessed straitjacket, his eyes change as the light on the camera catches them.

Spoiler for Raven:

Raven: Threats are for children, baseball bats are for heroes, and blood is reserved for the innocent. The darkness, the cancer that gestates in the foundations of my soul has spread to my eyes so they can shed tears of hate! Tears that will flood the iMPACT Zone and drown all of the non-believers of the tune I sang last week.

The camera focuses on Raven who looks eerily into the shot.

Raven: For last week was not a threat. Last week was a sermon, promising that I will rise from the bowels of this company and drag you all down to its depths with me. Have you seen what I have seen? Felt what I have felt? Then you will all realise why I will do what I must do.

We see a small smirk form at the corner of Raven’s mouth, continuing to look straight at the camera.

Raven: And your saviour from the rafters won't be able to help you. He will be too high up to reach you, to pull you out from the hell I will bury you all in. Icon, are you ready to dance? Are you ready for me to pull the stinger from your tail and stab it into your own heart?

Raven then lets out a maniacal laugh before settling in, delivering his final words.

Raven: I will watch you fall Icon. I will see you crash from the high perch you have put yourself on. And as chaos and anarchy rain down like acid, melting and liquefying all in my path, it will be your head on my cane Icon, that I will lead my army into TNA to finally burn it all down...TNA burns...... Quote the Raven…nevermore.

The camera has slowly zoomed in on Ravn’s face the whole time. Unnoticeable at first, but as he delivers his final words, it zooms right into the whites of his eyes, before the feed cuts, the screen gets static and impact goes to commercial….


We come back from commercial, to join Jeremy Borash backstage. He's with the seven foot tall Matt Morgan. JB thanks Matt for his time and says tonight he goes up against the powerhouse Bobby Lashley. Morgan says that he is on the cusp of getting a World Title opportunity and this win could provide that opportunity for him. JB says no disrespect to the Blueprint, but Morgan’s run has been less than impressive. He lost to Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory, his team lost at Turning Point, and he lost to Desmond Wolfe last week. Morgan frowns at JB and says that he is seven feet tall and is the DNA of TNA. He says he almost beat Angle and lately due to his superior size and skill, he has taken his opponents a little bit too lightly. He says it won’t happen tonight because he has to get back on track. Facing someone like Lashley is no easy task and will bring out something in him that no one has seen before!

At the commentary desk Tenay and West talk about Raven and how he has got everyone on edge with his very disturbing speeches over the last two weeks. He has always been a master of mind games but this time he seems to be taking it to a level never seen before in this business.

Match #2 – Singles Conest
Matt Morgan vs. Bobby Lashley

The two behemoths come out to huge ovations from the fans as they can’t wait to see these two big men lock up, and they do, with neither getting the advantage straight away. They break and go again. Lashley drives forward from underneath, backing Morgan into a corner. The ref asks for the break and without any real hesitation, he does so. They lock up again but this time it is who Morgan powers Lashley into his corner. The ref asks for a clean break and Morgan repays Lashley. They lock up for a fourth time and Morgan quickly goes to a head lock. Lashley pushes him off into the ropes and both men collide with a huge shoulder tackle. The ring shakes but neither man falls.

The fans are eating this up. As Morgan tells Lashley to try it this time, the “Boss” comes off the ropes, Morgan stands his ground and doesn’t fall! Neither man has given an inch. Morgan looks out to the crowd before quickly delivering a kick to the gut. He goes for a suplex, but Lashley blocks it. Lashley then tries to counter with his own suplex, only for Morgan to blocks it! They push each other off, frustrations flare up between the two, so Bobby now kicks Matt in the gut to set up the a snap suplex!! The fans roar as we finally have someone off their feet! Morgan tries to get back up, Lashley is very fast, moves in fast and delivers a picture perfect butterfly suplex! The crowd goes up again!

Morgan rolls out of the ring frustrated as Lashley holds his arms out in his famous pose to pump the fans up even more. Lashley motions for Morgan to get back in the ring. The Blueprint walks up the steps slowly watching Lashley back away to allow him to step through the ropes without any funny business. They lock up, Morgan with a quick go behind. He takes Lashley down and looks for a reverse bear hug, but it is countered by getting to his feet and then using his strength, breaks the giant’s grip. Short arm clothesline explodes out of nowhere and drops Morgan to the mat, Lashley grabs a cover, but Morgan kicks out at 1!

Both men spring to their feet but Lashley with a headlock takeover, quickly transitioning for an arm submission. Morgan breaks free but is hit with a kick to the gut setting up the Dominator! He hoists Morgan over his shoulder but the taller man escapes out the back door. Hits the ropes and clotheslines his opponent knocking him down! 1..2.. Lashley kicks out! Morgan then shoves him in the corner and then backs up on him and unloads on his elbow shot combos. The heavy shots hit their mark and Morgan steadies himself as Lashley stumbles out of the corner.Morgan picks him up for a sidewalk slam… but instead looks at an imaginary watch on his wrist and unceremoniously drops him!

Morgan then gets in the corner and stomps the mat, lining up his opponent. Carbon Footprint! No! Lashley ducks! Belly to belly suplex! 1..2.. Morgan kicks out! Lashley hits the ropes and nails Morgan with a big time clothesline! And then another! He yells out to the fans as they return in kind as he sprints to the centre of the ring. SPEAR CONNECTS! Lashley signals to the fans before setting up the Dominator one more time. But from the back, Big Poppa Pump walks out….

Last week, Lashley distracted Steiner and it seems Freakzilla wants to repay him in kind. Lashley tells Steiner to get out of here, but Big Poppa Pump starts shouting profanities off mic at Lashley. Bobby fires back and Steiner hops up on the apron.After jaw jacking for a few seconds, Steiner smashes Bobby in the face! Morgan catches him and rolls him up but the ref has called for the bell.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via DQ

The winner is announced due to a disqualification, and Morgan can’t believe it! He has lost again! He gets in the ref’s face and says that he had nothing to do with Steiner attacking Lashley. Bobby rolls out of the ring and goes after Steiner at ringside. The two men start brawling and the ref ignores Morgan in order to try and get some control at ringside. The ref calls for some security to try and break up this big time brawl happening at the foot of the entrance ramp. Lashley and Steiner finally get separated but they both have to be dragged to the back in a violent scene. Steiner puts on the bad mouth as they are removed from ringside. The ref directing them all to the back.

BOOM! Morgan nails the ref with a sick Carbon Footprint! The ref almost spins in the air and is out cold before his head even hits the floor! Morgan has snapped! He looks down at what he has done, and seems to be a wreck. The commentary team can’t believe it as Morgan looks almost psychotic. Morgan suddenly lunges for the camera man who backs away tripping over. Morgan grabs the camera man and by the scruff of his neck throws him almost 10 feet in the air. His body smashes on the steel entrance ramp with the camera! The security team, preoccupied with Steiner and Lashley are unaware that a seven foot giant has lost control at ringside! The cameraman screams in pain as Morgan picks the ringside steel steps over his head and then hurls it at the commentary position! Tenay and West have to duck for cover as the huge metal object crashes onto their table!

Morgan roars as Cornette runs out telling him to stop and to calm down. Morgan is breathing heavily and stomps over to Cornette who backs away telling Morgan that he needs to stop as he is already in a lot of trouble and to not make it any worse for himself. Morgan stops almost on command, looks back at the carnage, and walks up the ramp to boos from the crowd. He walks back through the tunnel as EMTs come to check on the referee and the camera man. Cornette with beads of sweat pouring off his brow, tells the guys in the truck to cut to commercial.


iMPACT returns from commercial with Mike Tenay and Don West back at their desk (which is damaged) talking about how scary the situation before the break was. We go to replays seeing just what a super heavyweight is capable of when they lose control and there is no security to stop them. To say Matt Morgan has taken his latest loss extremely poorly is a gross understatement. Don West even says that maybe what Raven has been saying has “infected” some of the superstars here in the iMPACT Zone tonight! We see video of the referee and cameraman both being loaded into an ambulance who are to be rushed to a nearby medical facility.

We go backstage and Cornette is on damage control. The EMTs walk up to Jim and say that they are leaving now with the patients to the local hospital. Jim says he’ll take care of it from this end, as the sirens sound and the ambulance speeds off. Cornette looks extremely worried about all this and yells at someone to make sure Matt Morgan doesn’t go anywhere. Then out of the corner of his eye he sees Kurt Angle still sitting in front of the entry door. Cornette walks up to him and says that he has heard what he is up to and he needs him to go get ready for tonight’s main event.

Kurt stands up and says he isn’t leaving this spot until Wolfe walks through THAT door so he can beat the hell out of him. Cornette says he knows Kurt wants revenge and that’s why he set up the tag match in tonight’s main event, so he can get his hands on him legally. He doesn’t need any more lawsuits right now because he’s pretty sure he’s about to be hit by two. Cornette pleads with him and asks him to do it for him. Angle finally agrees and says he’ll do it Jim’s way, but just so he knows, he’s snapping Wolfe’s leg tonight. He walks off as a very stressed Cornette can only head back to his office grabbing out his phone, looking to making a phone call to someone.


At ringside, the fans cheer for Tara’s music as out walks the new Knockout’s Champion of the World! Tara claps hands with the fans in the first row as she makes her way into the ring. A “Tara” chant goes up as she has a big smile on her face. She shows the belt to the fans while she stands up in the middle turnbuckles. She thanks the fans as they settle down slightly. The Champ says that for years she knew she was the toughest, the strongest, the most skilled women’s wrestler in the world. She believed that in order to make it in this business, if you don’t think that of yourself, you might as well give up. She says she put her body on the line against Awesome Kong at Turning Point and then last week defeated ODB for the top women’s title in the business, the Knockout’s Championship!

Tara gets big pops as she continues to put over the talented KO roster and says that she will make sure this title continues to be the top title and will defend it against the very best! Because that will be the only way to prove she is the best and that she is worthy to carry this prestigious title. But Tara is interrupted as out walks the former Champ ODB. ODB says she was listening to Tara talk and she was about to puke. She tells Tara that the only thing she is going to do, is give her a rematch so she can beat her ass and take back her belt.

But then it is the music of Awesome Kong which pumps out of the speakers making both ladies turn to the stage. Out stomps the behemoth who gets into the ring and stands face to face with both of them. Her nostrils flaring, she opens her mouth to reveal a smile a shark would be proud of which quickly turns to a frown. Kong does the slash of the throat sign to both girls making ODB step backwards. The champ however holds her ground, when Gail Kim’s music hits and out runs the high flyer. She slides into the ring and gets in Kong’s face, and then snatches the mic off ODB. Gail says that it seems everyone’s out here to stake their claim on that title and if Tara is looking for someone who has earned a shot and is the very best to defend against, then she’s looking at her.

BAMMM! Spinning back fist from Kong to Gail Kim’s temple! It drops Kim and ODB uses the distraction to attack Tara! Tara is blindsided into a corner and ODB starts furiously throwing lefts and rights. Tara covers up to protect herself from the shots, when Kong pushes ODB away and starts stomping on the champion herself. ODB wants to join in but this seems to be disrespecting Kong, so she unloads some shots on the former champ. Tara rolls out to the floor hurting while Kong and ODB exchange blows. The crowd though goes up as Gail has climbed the top turnbuckle and launches herself at the two brutes. She connects with a double dropkick sending ODB and Kong spilling through the ropes and out to the floor!

Tara on the floor wipes her mouth checking for blood and then waits for ODB and Kong to get to their feet. The champ explodes and double clothesline them down! The crowd goes up as she rolls back in the ring to join Gail. The champ's music hits and Kong and ODB retreat for the time being. Gail points at Tara to get the fans to cheer her…

Backstage Jim Cornette is seen on his cell phone, walking towards the ring with some papers in his hand as iMPACT goes to commercial.


We return live, Jim Cornette arrives at ringside to a decent crowd reaction. Stepping through the ropes, he has papers in his hand and is handed a microphone. Jim thanks everyone and says as per what he said last week, that he is back in charge and will continue to put TNA Wrestling back on track after the Main Event Mafia/Frontline civil war. Jim says tonight has been a bit chaotic, and he apologizes for that. He says that maybe whatever Raven’s been drinking has been spilled into the water around here. He gets a few laughs from the fans, but Jim noticeably does look concerned over what has gone on here tonight.

Jim continues states that during the “Civil War” a member of the MEM had a title belt made and started defending it. It was called the “Legends Title” and was only to be defended against Legends. Now Eric Young, who I still can’t believe is the leader of a group called World Elite, possesses the belt and has renamed it the Global Title. His stipulation states that he will only defend it against non-Americans.

Jim states that he is out here tonight to clear up the confusion. The title no matter what its name may be, was never sanctioned by TNA Wrestling and it means absolutely nothing here in TNA. The fans pop for this as it puts the World Elite in their place! Jim says the TNA office does not recognize it and therefore it will no longer be featured at any TNA events. Jim says however …. Suddenly the music of World Elite blasts through the iMPACT Zone speakers interrupting the GM.

To very loud boos from the crowd, Eric Young, Kiyoshi, and Sheik Abdul Bashir very slowly and methodically walk out from the back. Young, wearing a suit, the Global Championship and a scowl has a microphone. He orders their music be shut off before berating Jim Cornette’s decision. Young says that this is typical American bigotry. “They” can’t beat them, “they” can’t even play in the same sand box as the World Elite, and so “THEY” just discontinue the Championship. World Elite very slowly make their way down the ramp and then into the ring so they can get up close and personal with Mr. Cornette.

Jim says that Eric received phone calls, emails, and paper work about all of this so don’t try and make this out to be some sort of surprise. Young with eyes like laser beams stares at Jim saying that he was given the information, but no chance to retort, so here he is right now to refuse to acknowledge this decision. World Elite will not bow down to TNA management’s racist demands. Cornette sees he has three guys in the ring with him, leaning on him, and he has been around the business long enough to know how these things play out.

Cornette takes a second and just like last week with Christopher Daniels he backs his call. He tells Young that he is the holder of a non-recognized title by this organization, like it or not. He can run around calling himself the Global Champion till he is blue in the face, but no one is going to care. No matter how much gold and jewels is on that belt, it is as worthless as a championship as this piece of paper he holds in his hand.

Young has had quite enough and Kiyoshi and Bashir start slowly stepping towards the iMPACT GM. But Jim hasn’t finished. He says that before he was rudely interrupted, he was about to say that TNA management has seen that there is indeed a place for a title like the Global Title. And if he would allow him to finish, he will read what is on this piece of paper.

“TNA Wrestling management would like to announce its ever expanding world wide organization with the introduction of the TNA Wrestling Television Championship. The new champion will be decided on pay-per-view at Final Resolution 2009 in a fatal four way 30 minute Iron man match! The man who has the most points at the end of the match will be crowned the first ever TNA Television Champion. ”

Jim looks at Young, and tells him that this is the part that Eric will be most interested.

“The four contenders in the match are The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Hernandez, Matt Morgan and… Eric Young. Good luck to all involved during this exciting expansion of the TNA world wide brand.”

Cornette folds the piece of paper and places it back into his jacket pocket. Eric loosens his tie, he seems irate at this announcement. He says that this is an outrage and that TNA knew that with World Elite behind him, no one could take the Global Title from him. This is ridiculous that he should have to compete in this match when he is already a champion dammit!

Cornette says now enlight of what Matt Morgan did tonight, his place is now under review, but if EY doesn’t want to be in the match that’s fine, he’ll make two replacements in the match instead of just the one. Cornette mocks Young by telling him to contact the office by Monday if he doesn’t want an opportunity at being a recognized champion in the best pro wrestling company in the world. Cornette looks over his shoulder saying that he’s sure there are others ready and willing to take his spot, maybe even his two cronies there… Young has finally been outsmarted, he kicks the bottom rope, the music of TNA iMPACT hits while Bashir and Kiyoshi argue with Young about the announcement in the ring. The commentary team put over the announcement and that it will indeed be the beginning of a true new championship here in TNA!

Last week a video for the return of Abyss played. Tonight it plays again with flames pouring off Abyss’ name and it says “Abyss returns… next”


Match #3 – Singles Contest
The Monster Abyss vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

The Pope gets his grandstand entrance as always pumping up the crowd, getting them into it. His bravado though drops a notch when he takes off his jacket and witnesses the frightening entrance of the returning Monster to TNA. Red flames shoot into the sky as out walks Abyss dressed in his original black clothes and mask. Chains are wrapped around both forearms as he roars while stomping down the entrance ramp. The Monster steps into the ring and the ref tries to get his attention to lose the chains. Abyss finally agrees and the bell sounds and the Monster attacks.

Pope though has the speed advantage and looks to kick at the bigger man’s legs. Pope comes at him with his punching combos and Abyss absorbs them and catches Dinero with a big boot. He squashes him with a corner splash and then looks for a chokeslam. The Pope escapes it and chop blocks the back of the Monster’s knee! He then hits the ropes and takes the Monster off his feet with the leaping shoulder charge!

The Pope pulls his knee pads down and looks to hit his finisher the DDEXpress. But as he lines it up, his ankle is grabbed by none other than Father James Mitchell. With all the action going on, the audience didn’t even see him enter ringside! Pope is a bit confused on who this guy is but when he turns his attention to Abyss, he is caught in a Black Hole Slam! 1..2..3!

Winner: The Monster Abyss

Mitchell laughs and walks into the ring . The Monster roars and does his cross arm pose as Mitchell hands him his chain. Abyss brings the chain down hard on the back of the Pope! Dinero screams in pain as Abyss uses it like a whip over and over and over! Pope spits blood from his mouth before he is dragged to his feet by the Monster and hit with the Shock Treatment back breaker!!! From his jacket, Mitchell pulls out a small leather bag and hands it to his Monster. Abyss empties the bag in the middle of the ring and out falls hundreds of thumb tacks. Mitchell calls out “Click! Doomsday! Now!” and Pope is horrifically chokeslammed onto the tacks! Pope cries out in pain and does his best to roll out of the painful bed Abyss has made for him. Although the tacks don’t cause an injury, the excruciating pain of hundreds of tiny needles digging into his skin has made the Pope seek an escape outside the ring.

Security and EMTs run out to the ring for the second time tonight as Mitchell leads Abyss to the back laughing the whole way. The sadistic killing machine… the slaughterhouse on legs, the true Monster Abyss has returned putting TNA on notice! The commentators are again bringing up that there seems to be a new vibe around the iMPACT Zone, connecting Raven’s comments to the whole infecting the foundations of TNA with his cancer speech, which seems to be happening right before everyone’s eyes tonight!!


Backstage Cornette is on his phone talking to Dixie about what has happened tonight, saying he will get to the bottom of it. Team 3D, Matt Morgan and now Abyss have all hurt their opponents tonight. Even the KOs are going crazy! He says “Yes, he was able to talk Kurt out of attacking Wolfe backstage.” He is listening to what she is saying before replying that he doesn’t know where Raven is or if his unscheduled rants are causing any of this. He nods his head and says that he will do his best to ensure the rest of the show goes off without any more issues. He hangs up and wipes the sweat from his brow.

Mick Foley then appears next to him and asks him if there is anything he can do to help. Cornette says that he needs to look into a few things and if he can put on an X-Division match for the fans to settle them down and back into having fun. Mick says no problem there is nothing like the X-Division to X - cite the fans. He laughs at his pun and asks Cornette if he saw what he did there. The stressed Cornette shakes his head, walking off thanking Mick as he leaves. Foley yells out to Jim not worry as he got the prefect guys for the job! Mick gives the thumbs up and a big toothless grin.

At ringside, the commentary team say that their format is about to be reshuffled as it looks like iMPACT gets a bit of Xplosion tonight with some X-Division action! They talk about tonight being quite chaotic tonight and hopefully Jim Cornette can keep it under control. Matt Morgan snapping out here was very scary. Now, Abyss has reconnected with his old mentor, looking to once again be a vicious monster capable of just about anything. West and Tenay both agree that hopefully tonight provides non-stop action and no more scary moments. West says he almost doesn’t feel safe out here tonight! But they are joined by Mick Foley at the broadcast position to a big pop from the fans! Foley receives a warm welcome while he puts on his headphones and begins talking up the amazing roster XPlosion has. He talks about last week’s episode and how incredible the matches were, how athletic the talent is and how Xplosive the show is. He asks Don if he got what he just did there with a chuckle.

Match #4 – Singles Contest
The Amazing Red vs. Petey Williams

The Canadian Destroyer walks out to the ring and has a mic. He looks up at the broadcast table pointing at Foley and says that he has just been booked in this match tonight and it is so typically American. No professionalism and no respect for the superior athlete that he is. He is about to go on but he is interrupted by Amazing Red to the joy of the fans. Red leaps into the ring and is immediately set upon by the Canadian but he ducks it and hits the ropes and delivers a picture perfect spinning tiger feint kick to the face! The bell rings and the X-Division is on show as the fans are indeed on their feet for their ‘amazing” moves! Petey reverses a whip, only to be put down by a hurricanrana! Then a dropkick! Then a standing star press! 1…2.. Petey kicks out overwhelmed by the lightning quick attacks he has just been hit by!

Red whips Petey again into the turnbuckles and runs up him as if he were stairs and on the last step drives a boot into his nose! He flips over back on to his feet and then springs off the adjacent middle rope and looks for a Tornado DDT. But Petey blocks it takes a few steps out of the corner and delivers a cradle suplex dropping Red devastatingly head first into the turnbuckles!!

The crowd boos and this gives Petey time to recover. Petey now grounds Red and starts stretching him out and stomping him down slowing the match right down. He covers him several times, but red just wont give up. So Petey goes for the Sharpshooter, but before he can be turned, he grabs Petey in a small package for a quick two count! Petey kicks out and Red climbs up the turnbuckles and nails a corkscrew splash! 1..2.. Kickout! Knee to the gut of Red by Petey, then a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge! 1..2.. Red kicks out this time. Red connects with a monkey flip, but Petey lands on his feet. Petey misses with a clothesline and Red hits the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knee. Then a Rana sends Petey again to the other side of the ring and this time Red connects with the Tornado DDT! 1..2…

Kickout! POWERBOMB! Petey folds Red up like an accordion and pins his shoulders 1..2..3!

NO! kick out at 2 and a half! And Williams signals for a finish. He stomps his feet and awaits Red to get to his feet under his own power. Kick to the Gut… Canadian destroyer.. no countered into a cutter.. no reversed into a neckbreaker! 1..2… Red kicks out! Williams slaps the mat and grabs Red but is hit by a sitout Jawbreaker! Red leaps up and sits on Petey’s shoulders. Rana/sunset flip piledriver combo (west coast pop). Red sits down holding the flailing legs, sitting on Petey’s shoulders..1..2…3!

Winner: Amazing Red

The fans go crazy! Red gets his arm raised and Petey can’t believe it. He quickly exits the ring while Red celebrates with the fans after a great match! Foley gets up with his huge toothless grin shaking hands with Tenay and West before giving a big thumbs up to Red. Once again the X-Division shows what it can do!

But wait… sprinting out of the crowd is the X Division Champion. He knocks down Red from behind! The Notorious 187 points at Foley before delivering the devastating Gringo Killah to Red!!! The fans boo the man who seems very pleased with himself. Red is folded up like a cheap suit in the middle of the ring. Foley can’t believe it. Cide laughs and jumps back through the crowd. Tenay and West talk about how just when they thought tonight couldn’t get any more chaotic, The X Division Champion has laid out his challenger with one of the most brutal moves in all of wrestling. Foley runs down to check on Red as we go backstage.

The parking garage entry door slowly opens and finally Desmond Wolfe arrives. With a smirk on his face, he looks around, checking to see if there is anyone around before walking towards his dressing room.


We come back from commercial with Samoa Joe’s theme music blasting out of the speakers with a huge pop from the fans. “Joe” chants ring out from the sold out crowd accompanying the arrival of the Samoan Submission Machine to ringside! A replay of last week is shown of Joe putting down Lashley with a punt to the groin, after Bobby stepped into Joe’s victory celebration over Steiner.

Joe grabs a mic and says he’s not playing around anymore. He says last week, Lashley wanted to disrespect him and stick his nose into his match. He felt the consequences. “This will be my first and final warning to everyone in the back. Don’t <beep> with Joe, ‘coz Joe will kill you.”

Match #5 – Singles Contest
Samoa Joe vs. Hernandez

The strongest man in TNA comes out to take on the Samoan Submission Machine. He doesn’t look concerned at all and steps into the ring and then up on the turnbuckles to pose. Joe is focused on the job at hand. He went eighteen months in TNA without being pinned or submitted and the former World Champion wants to get back to once again dominating the TNA landscape. But Hernandez has been on a roll since breaking away from LAX. He has defeated all comers and wants the valuable scalp of Joe on his win/loss record.

Joe starts things off with kicks to Hernandez’s right leg. Dez moves in but Joe arm drags him down and looks for an arm bar. When he doesn’t get it he kicks Dez in the head and then hits a suplex for 2. He pushes Dez into the corner and unloads with big right hands and stomps as the ref orders him to step back. Joe turns his back, only for a second, sensing Dez getting to his feet and he hits the trademark leaping spinning enzaguri! Dez falls like a tree to the mat and Joe pins him and gets a long 2 count!

Joe acknowledges Hernandez’s toughness with a nod and brings him to his feet. He holds Dez’s face down and starts kicking it repeatedly! Then gives a big knee strike to the face and Dez is down. It’s been all Joe and he is ruthless. When Dez gets to his feet, Joe looks to whip him, but it is reversed and he is set for the ride and is knocked down by a huge jumping clothesline.

Dez drops an elbow to the heart and hooks the leg, but only gets a one count. Joe rolls away as Dez rips off his singlet and wraps it around Joe’s neck. He looks to belie him to other side of the ring, but Joe grabs a rope and kicks Dez away. Joe hits the ropes and smashes Dez in the face with a leaping leg lariat! The tree trunk like legs hit the Mexican superstar in the face and he is down. 1..2.. kickout!

Powerbomb! 1..2.. kick out, but Joe holds on and transitions Dez into a Liontamer! Hernandez uses his strength to try and escape so Joe locks him in an STF. Then a crippler crossface! Hernandez desperately grabs the ropes as the fans cheer Joe’s submission moves. Devastating face wash in the corner! Dez gets to his feet and Joe looks for an irish whip, but Dez blocks and brings in Joe for a belly to belly overhead suplex that sends the big man flying over the top rope, hitting the apron and crashing to the floor. Joe gets to his feet but sees “AIR-Mexico” come flying over the top rope and smashing him in the face with a 250 pound plancha!

The fans go crazy as Hernandez now hits lefts and rights on Joe on the outside, throwing him into the guard rail and then dropping him with a big clothesline. Dez is pumped up now as the fans are going wild. Joe rolls back in and Dez gets up on the apron and slingshots himself in with a big shoulder tackle! 1..2.. Joe kicks out! Dez looks to scoop slam the 300 pound Joe, but it is blocked and countered with big forearm smashes to the face knocking Dez on to his back. Joe drops a senton back splash and then hooks the leg…1..2… Kick out!

Dez rolls to the corner and with a unbelievable show of strength pulls his whole body up onto the top turnbuckle from off the mat. But Joe catches him with a big right hand! MUSCLEBUSTER! 1.2.3!

Winner: Samoa Joe

An exhausted Joe gets his hand raised in victory. He gives the sign of the belt before draping his towel around his shoulders and then jumping out of the ring walking to the back. However, his walk is halted by Bobby Lashley’s music! The powerhouse meets Joe in the middle of the entrance ramp and neither man is about to back down. Security though are on top of this straight away this time and although there is a bit of finger pointing, and trash talk, they don’t come to blows. Joe walks off satisfied with his victory tonight. Lashley is kept behind men in black shirts, who are under orders to ensure no more violence occurs outside of the ring .


Backstage the suave Desmond Wolfe is with Christy Hemme in his ring gear, jacket and sunglasses. She asks him about last week when he attacked Kurt Angle during the main event, costing the Olympian a World Title opportunity. Wolfe laughs off her comments and says that he is far from finished with “Mr. Mangled”. He beat the hell out of him at turning Point, but the record books preposterously have him as the winner. So if Angle thought he was going to move on from him, he had another thing coming. Or should he say, Angle had another Jawbreaker Lariat coming. Tonight, he is coming for Angle again and is going to dish out even more pain and suffering until he and everyone in this company realizes there is no one better than Desmond Wolfe.

Main Event – Tag Team Contest
World Champion AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe walks out first flipping off the fans before removing his jacket and sunglasses. He continues to taunt the fans while his partner for tonight’s music hits. Walking out very smugly is the number one contender to the World title. Daniels walks up to Wolfe and starts barking instructions at him. Wolfe doesn’t seem too impressed. He puts his hands in the air to relay an agreement, to which Daniels disrobes and checks his wrist tape. Next, is the unique elevator entrance of Angle emerging from the stage, Angle locks eyes with Wolfe and sprints down the ramp. His music stops suddenly as he goes after Wolfe. The ref tries to stop him, but he pushes him away. Huge right hands rains down on Wolfe and then a big clothesline knocks him over the top rope and down to the floor! AJ’s music hits but the match has seemingly already begun. The Phenomenal One makes his way down the ramp to join the battle only to be blindsided by Daniels leaping off the apron and driving a knee into the head and shoulder of the champ!

Styles is struck hard, flinging him into the guard rails! Daniels looks down at his former friend as fans berate him. Daniels fires back with tales about the fans’ mothers. On the other side of the ring, Angle is brutally attacking Wolfe. Desmond covers up looking for an opening and does so by crawling into the ring to escape. Angle with tunnel vision follows him in and the number contender again blindsides his opponent with a big STO JUDO TAKEDOWN! Wolfe shakes off the shots, while Daniels again looks down at another man he has put down.

Wolfe gets to his feet and starts laying in the boots to the Gold Medallist. The ref tells Daniels to get into his corner, which in an almost trance like state he complies to. Styles however is still in a heap in the corner of the ringside. Daniels from his position has full view of the champion, watching him with just a slight interest of what is going on in the ring. Wolfe though keeps control of the match with a scoop slam and then a knee drop to the forehead. Wolfe wants Daniels to tag. The Fallen Angel gives one more look over to Styles and tags in. Daniels points to the crowd drops to a knee and starts calling himself the greatest. He picks Angle up to his feet and screams at him saying he is the greatest. He hits a thunderous slap to the face, knocking the legs out from under Kurt.

Daniels again checks on AJ, who is starting to stir. The champ grabs the back of his neck, possibly still reeling from the Gringo Killah last Saturday night, and of course the brutal shot he has just taken from Daniels. This distraction leads to Angle breaking out of Daniels’ grip. He blasts him with a big right hand and a Euro uppercut! The fans come alive as Daniels jumps to his feet only to be knocked down by a big clothesline from Angle! Daniels backs away into the corner, but Angle grabs his wrist and looks for an Irish whip. Daniels reverses it and sends Angle into the corner but he explodes out and once again knocks down Daniels with a big clothesline!

But Angle’s momentum is stopped with a jawbreaker and then a quick tag to Wolfe. Who hits a big knee lift to the gut and then a flowing snap DDT! 1..2.. Kurt kicks out. Daniels looks over to Styles, but he isn’t there. Daniels looks over and AJ clips his legs out from under him and he crashes head first onto the apron and then spills onto the floor! AJ roars and the fans roar with him. The Champ is alive, he lands heavy shots to Daniels’ face! Big rights and lefts from the Champ. With the ref dealing with the in ring action, Styles is free to unload his fury on his former best friend.

Daniels kicks Styles in the gut and then hits a spinning back kick again to the same place. Daniels looked for a clothesline, but Styles back body drops him several feet in the air before crashing lower back first! Daniels is in extreme pain, so Styles leaps up to the apron and extends his hand to Kurt. Wolfe keeps the pressure on as Angle now knows his partner is there. Wolfe comes again, but Angle gets the hot tag, the fans again come alive and Styles knocks down Wolfe with several clotheslines! AJ hits the rope and flips over with the reverse DDT! 1..2.. Wolfe kicks out! Styles quickly gets to the apron, wipes his feet and leaps up for the 450 springboard finisher, but Daniels grabs his ankle at the last second, and Styles crashes on to the mat!

Wolfe grabs Styles’ arm and locks in the London Dungeon arm wringer submission. Wolfe pulls back on it, but Angle comes over the top and blasts him with a clothesline! Wolfe rolls out of the ring but as he does, Daniels tags in. Angle and Wolfe once again brawl on the outside, while Daniels slips in and pins AJ. 1..2.. The Champ kicks out!

Reverse STO into the Koji Clutch! Styles is again in a submission hold. He struggles for the ropes looking to escape the painful move. He twists his body and is just able to get his foot on the bottom rope. The ref taps Daniels on the shoulder for him to let go, but the Fallen Angel refuses. The ref has to resort to a five count. Daniels lets go at 4 and quickly gets to his feet. Styles is on all fours as he tries to get up, but Daniels flings himself across the ring and comes down with a big boot to the back of the head, bouncing Styles’ face off the mat!

Wolfe and Angle continue to fight on the outside and the ref tries to yell at them to stop, Daniels behind the ref’s back brings the World Title into the ring and waits for Styles to get up. He does, Daniels moves in.. but misses! PELE KICK!!! From out of nowhere! Styles is about to deliver the Styles clash, but the ref turns and sees the title belt on the mat. He questions Styles who says it was Daniels who brought the belt in. The ref again turns his back to get rid of the belt, handing it to the time keeper, only for Daniels to deliver a big low blow! The ref turns back to the action.. ANGELS WINGS!!! 1..2…3!

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe

Again security has to come out and separate wrestlers down at ringside. Daniels’ music plays as he joyously celebrates his win over Styles. He jumps up and down laughing all the way, fulfilling his “prophecy” of pinning AJ tonight! The ref raises his hand but Daniels is too busy jumping for joy to notice. Rolling out of the ring, Daniels snatches the World Title out of the time keepers hands! He looks at it, almost hypnotized by the gold, but then raises it in the air in victory. Rolling back into the ring he drops it onto the prone chest of the Champion.

Wolfe and Angle are being restrained at either side of the entrance ramp, leaving a pathway, which Daniels takes advantage of, making a statement by walking through the space left, by security, and taunting the fans, giving the sign of the belt and raising his hands in victory one more time, as iMPACT fades to black.

Spoiler for Quick Results:
TNA iMPACT Results
1. Team 3D def. Chris Sabin and Robert Roode
2. Bobby Lashley def. Matt Morgan via DQ
3. Abyss def. D’Angelo Dinero
4. Amazing Red def. Petey Williams
5. Samoa Joe def. Hernandez
6. Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe def. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle
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