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Re: PG Era and Linda McMahon?

People of today are way too PC on matters, oversensitive, and overprotective. Which I think is just ridiculous when it comes to parents. When I was a kid, there wasn't facebook and five year olds didn't have phones; if you went out to play bam, no contact until you went back home. You learnt about stuff by doing stuff, and now kids can easily just google /anything/.

This overprotective and oversensitive bullshit manages it's way into a shit ton of media and apparently gives parents the right to bitch and moan about anything that even slightly differs in their values to what entertainment should be. Wrestlers should just stick puppets on their hands and start teaching the timetables and the alphabet.

Just look at TNA. They've been an AE rip-off since they started, and for the majority of it's life it has been shit. Tits, ass and swearing don't make a good TV show but actual competent and consistent writing, but kids have zero care about competent or consistent writing. You have a favourite wrestler, you want to watch him beat up the bad guys. I loved the white Power Ranger, couldn't give a shit about the others. I loved Leonardo, didn't give a shit about the other turtles. As much as some people dislike and hate him, Punk was made for us. The other side of the happy-go-lucky PC Cena to the tattoo-filled nerd who relates to what more older fans want. But until this hive-like protection of kids fucks off, I sincerely doubt WWE will change it's model unless something completely drastic happens, like the ratings slipping even more the more they bring back legends to try and get a cheap ratings pop.

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