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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Rise Above Nipples

Originally Posted by Blommen View Post
No, because i don't see what i should get excited for. Ryback is the manifestation of an empty shell. He is all look and no substance. I give the WWE credit for trying to mask up his weaknesses, but they are so glaring that i am insulted that they expect me to believe it. He can't talk so they don't let him talk. He can't wrestle so they keep having him do squash matches.

He is not even a very exceptional athlete! the most important part of being and indestructible powerhouse, if you can't talk or have charisma is to be awe-inspiring (like Goldberg, Lesnar and to a certain extent Lashley), is being awe-inspiring and believable. Ryback is underwhelming and unimpressive, he has been throwing human beanbags around for months now, and established some of the dumbest chants i have ever heard. Nothing has changed since he debuted, nothing! still doing the same thing, still absolutely unbelievable and still utterly. incredibly. undeniably. bland.

A bag shit with big traps is still a bag of shit.
Yeah because Goldberg throwing around jobbers and Brock Lesnar debuting ripping apart the likes of Spike Dudley and Al Snow before feuding in a 2 on 1 feud with the Hardys is so much more impressive in a destructive way.

Goldberg had years in American Football, he HAD to be an exceptional athlete. Lesnar was an amatuer wrestler as well as a fucking freak of nature. The sooner you separate Ryback from both of the men, the more you can probably enjoy him a little bit more.
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