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Re: Fuck Mcdonald's

Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
I for one don't buy Mcdonald's all that much(once a month) but when I do it's usually around the time they have their monopoly game going on. Here's the thing though, everytime I buy a soda I get the same peices whether it's Baltic Avenue, St. James or whatever, all the fucking time. You might get Boardwalk or Park place if you're lucky but you will never be able to collect them both because they give you the same shit everytime. This shit is just a gimmick to get all of us healthy Americans fat like their average customers are. Fuck that shit, I'm never going to eat fastfood again, not because of this monopoly shit but because of the fact that it's extremely unhealthy. Each year we as comsumers, run to Mcshit to pay for food and to get the game pieces that will never ever show up. I have never heard of anyone actully winning this game. In fact I bet most of the important peices like Boardwalk don't even exist, again as I said it's a scam to get healthy Americans fat and obese.

I don't know what's worse, the nasty hamburgers or watching all the obese motherfuckers stuff their faces with that shit. Simply this, Mcdonals's is fucking disgusting and most of their food taste like shit. People eat their because they are used to the shit they make. None of the beef is even real meat and the fries are greesy as fuck. I suggest you people stop eating that shit before you end up like this fat bitch in the gif above, and have a heart attack or stroke.Fuck Mcdonalds and the death culture they perpetuate and symbolise globally, which means:
Poisonous food, sickness and cancer for humans, mind numbing drudgery and workplace mind control and discipline for workers who are treated like slaves,and of course massive profit.

/End Rant

Shit rant tbh.


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