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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

The Lariat
Lariatoh!'s Review of Backlash!

So much detail. You've done a huge and amazing job here. The whole writing "in full" vs. summaries debate however always swings the way of summaries. I commend you on writing every single detail, but for me, I'll skim/skip it. Especially the commentary parts. This is just a chocolate ice cream vs. strawberry ice cream thing and no criticism of your work at all, in fact I'm in awe of someone who puts os much work in. It's just not for me. But let's get to it!

1. HBK gets injured. Unless this is part of an angle, I'm not a big fan of "real" injuries in a fan fiction. I don't get it. Why put one of your biggest stars on the shelf when he doesn't have to be. I'm assuming it was a way of getting jericho and Miz the win, and making Morrison look great at the same time... So in that you've succeeded. I hope HBK is sidelined for too long though.

2. Flair didn't sound anything like Flair in his segment with Teddy. Teddy wasn't too bad but a bit over the top. Setting up the Draft and a match is good, and so can't wait for that episode of Raw

3. Lashley can be a major player if booked right. Needs a mouth piece but great to see him go over Koslov. Good booking here! Lashley gets attacked later on in the show by Koslov.. maybe a bit over booking here but good to see you aren't just throwing Koslov away after the loss.

4. Didn't expect Regal to win. If he did I would have marked out. But the more marketable guy gets the win and keeps the belt. Logical booking. Woah, but then I do mark out! Nigel in WWE! Awesome!!! As I'm reading your show for the first time, the way it reads is he has been in your fed for a while. But a big surprise for me all the same. Regal with the knucks, classic! Boo to Cryme Tyme making the save but it sets up maybe a 6 man tag on Raw...

5. Tag titles match I could have skipped don't really like any of those guys

6. I never noticed Punk and Kane's theme music names were so similar haha.. in any case I predicted Punk for the win but match of the night so far! Chokeslam! Maybe after the Lashley/Koslov backstage attack this one is a little bit of overbooking. With the cutting of the hair it sort of made Punk's win irrelevant. I would have gone without the Lashley/Koslov attack to make Kane's attack mean more...

7. Orton's promo with Flair made me actually want to cheer him. I'm not sure if that was your intention. He made some good points.. Go Orton!

8. Jeff vs. Matt was absolutely epic. I've always thought Matt was riding Jeff's coat tails his entire career. I'm not a fan. But the way you had Matt win was damn good. What's next for these two is a reason I'll keep reading.

7. Love Maryse and Gail. Fun match.

8. I wasn't going to comment on the Cena/Edge match as I'm not a fan of either men, but Show coming in the end is again too much for me...

9. Orton defeats HHH and puts him out before RKOing Stephanie! Sadistic ending and it puts Orton right at the top of the WWE. Without Legacy as well, your Orton is truly as badass as they come and it was great. As mentioned before I was actually rooting for Orton as it seemed he had a legitimate gripe with HHH and it was emphasised by your excellent video package before the match. With Cena on Smackdown, who can stop Orton??!? Great ending!

All in all an epic ppv. You overplay your hand a bit too much at times though. Less is more sometimes, so just be wary of that. It'll tire the viewer (reader) out before we get to the big matches. The matches were all great, just watch the over booking at the ends of them. The Steph bit though made sense, the agents during the TLC match made sense and added to these matches so great stuff there. But stuff like Beth Phoenix complaining seemed a little too much to digest over the long show. Looking forward to the Age of Orton!
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