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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

The comparison to boxing isn't very useful. Mayweather only fights one night a year. Pacquiao fights two nights a year. And it's a real sport.

Whoever is the face of WWE has to star 52x a year in a weekly TV show and 13x a year in PPVs. And that's not counting all the house shows.

Size is a huge part of what pro wrestling is about. You have to look the part -- just like with any TV show. Casual fans just aren't that interested in seeing slim, fit guys wrestle -- except as the exception. You can have an occasional Jeff Hardy type build. An occasional Daniel Bryan (who has added a lot of muscle mass since he's joined WWE and is no longer slim.)

And most of the smaller guys who've succeeded -- HBK, Guerrero, etc -- were super-jacked. HBK was huge in his earlier years. Compare their physique to typical UFC fight physiques.

Anderson Silva is 6'2 and fights at 185. GSP is 5'10 170. (These are fighting weights) Carlos Condit is 6'2 170. Benson Henderson is 5'9, 155.

Compared to UFC fighters, even the smaller WWE guys carry around huge amounts of upper body mass.

You could have a show filled with super-fit, 6'0 170 lb legit UFC guys jumping around the ring and people just wouldn't watch. They would just look too small.

This doesn't mean there isn't a place for smaller guys in WWE -- even at the main event level -- just that the norm will always be the bigger guys. Especially for whoever is the face of the company (Hogan, Austin, Rock, Triple H, Cena, etc).
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