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Re: Rate the wrestlers you hate

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
You got it all wrong. Myself and the majority of posters in that forum are in there late teens and early to mid 20's. I doubt many of the posters there were even alive when Jerry was in his prime. Not all of us give into nostalgic and think what we grew up with is better. I was just a kid and I used to love Angle's matches but now I can see that he just isn't that good looking back on his stuff.
To make it short, I simply think that Angleīs supposed lack of psychology is overstated, itīs more a product of itīs time (or better, environment), much like HBKīs selling. Furthermore, Iīd say psychology is only one aspect that makes a good wrestler, and everyone weighs itīs importance differently. I think we can all agree that Angle is by far the best technical pro wrestler of our times.

I think the final nail in the coffin is the fact that, as other posters have pointed out, Angleīs whole body of work has a plethora of entertaining matches with workers of all different sizes and styles, whereas John Cenaīs list of greatest matches looks rather weak in comparison. Donīt get me wrong, I think John Cena is very good at what he does, heīs just not as good as you try to make him out to be. Angle is, in my opinion, and has the highest honors in amateur wrestling to prove it.

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
I also wouldn't mind touching on the point that there is no such thing as 'Sports Entertainment'. It's just a term that Vince McMahon made up. WWE is a wrestling company. Always has been, always will. But that's a discussion for another time.
Semantics. The style you see in a WWE main event is distinctively different to what you see in a ROH main event, and both are different to your typical japanese match. You wonīt see a WWE match where somebody works a limb for 30 minutes anymore, for example.

Btw, if, as you say, WWE has always been a wrestling company, then you have to explain to me why storytelling is more important than pure ability. Donīt forget, professional wrestling is a branch of amateur wrestling, not the other way around. Back in the day, people were actually competing for their titles, and the storylines came rather naturally. Isnīt the pure fact that you hold the ability to tell a story in the ring in such high regards proof enough that todayīs product is a different kind of "wrestling"?

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