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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

The Quintessential World of Sport match:

Steve Grey vs Clive Myers, (11/22/75)

Incredible wrestling match, right off the bat these two just have that magical chemistry you rarely find. Everything is fluid, crisp, timed to perfection, the game of human chess may not possibly be explored better than this match. Each sequence and grapple feels so hard fought for with both men constantly having to explore new avenues and give up fruitless attempts at securing a submission.

The contrast in characters also really adds to the match and takes it up another level. Myers is hardly your Ric Flair snob but he just looks like a well groomed and respectful star, despite having the humbled modesty of a Ricky Steamboat. Steve Grey however...well you just can't not love the guy. He has that scruffy everyman look to him and just looks like the punk kid nobody would give a second chance to upon first glance, and the beauty of this match is that despite taking Myers to the limit and holding his own it feels like Grey is constantly the guy you expect to come out second best in every lock up no matter how many times he outsmarts or out-manouevres Myers. There's just this everyman attribute in him that makes him the clear sympathetic babyface you can't root against.

Anyway the match has some incredible counters and submission attempts. They do a sterling job at interjecting some light hearted comedy into the match in order to keep the crowd invested and to provide some relief to the intense grappling, but when both men lock up its just pure brilliance. The lightening speed in the takedowns and transitions in the guard are staggering and Myers in particular pulls out some never before seen counters and frightening feats of athleticism. Check out how he alters his position in the first video when he has Grey's leg wrapped up, he sees Grey looking to take his right leg and effortlessly stretches his right leg back to close that escape route and add to the pain.

Grey himself is the ultimate defence and unleashes his famous 'human ball' counter a couple of times, once you get past the whackiness behind it its actually one of the more smarter escape routes and he times it wonderfully for it to come off as recongition he's in danger rather than a carny party trick. His counter out of it in the second video is also spectacular anyway you look at it. They time the rope running exchanges superbly as well, each exchange lasts under 30 seconds but between the lightening speed both men unleash as well as the timing after engaging grappling it really hooks you into each transition and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Finish is also fucking beautiful, I demand someone steal that pin in the near future.
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