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PG Era and Linda McMahon?

Now notably, I stopped watching WWE while it was TV-14 (can't remember if it ever got to TV-MA or not), and that was around 2004 or 2005. I honestly thought that the rating changed to PG back in like 06 but apparently it didn't happen until about 2008.


my question is: Are the PG Era and Linda McMahon directly related? By that I mean is the PG rating a result of trying to keep a clean image for Linda's campaign run?

To add to that, do you guys believe that when Linda decides she is finally done with politics that the rating will go back up to TV-14 or MA? Or will it perhaps take years before the Cena generation has grown up before they make the change?

I think it would be nice, assuming Linda stopped politics, to have the rating bumped back up but still have Saturday Morning Slam with stuff JUST for kids.

That way you could still have all the cusing, nudity and violence on the regular Raw and SD programs.

A similar thought to this, in my opinion, would be a show like Tales From The Crypt. It had an adult show with profanity, gore, nudity and sexual situations... which would be a TV-MA rating by todays standards. To reach out to the kids, however, they had Tales From The Crypt Keeper. This was just a animated kids show that was based around the same idea, just kid friendly.

So this way you could cater to your teenage/adult audience and still provide to the kids with Saturday Morning Slam. Evidentally, it would be up to the parents to let their kids watch Raw or SD.

I got kind of side tracked... so basically yeah, I'm wondering if the PG Era is as a direct result of what Linda is doing, and if you think the WWE would switch back immediatly after she retires from politics, or if it will take a few years to phase everybody back into it?

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