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Re: Which PG era wrestler would find success in AE?

The only way I see Punk being a main eventer in the AE was if his gimmick was like the one he had from 2009-2010. Other than that I see him being nothing more than a mid carder. Daniel Bryan would have probably had a role similar to D'Lo Brown and maybe won the Euro title and IC title a few times. I don't see Orton being all that successful at all. Even as his 2009 persona. There were enough crazed heels or personas and Orton just would've been lost in the shuffle. Cena might have been successful but I don't see him succeeding with his rapper gimmick. He would have been a joke period. I doubt many could succeed with a rapper gimmick back then even though rap was arguably at it's peak. I just don't see the crowd taking a white rapper all too seriously. His rapper gimmick came at the perfect time.But, the Cena from mid 05-06 probably would have succeeded. He still had an edge to him even though he didn't rap anymore. For some reason I can see Sandow being a great heel with his current gimmick. It just fits perfectly during the AE. I can see McMahon putting the title on Sandow and Sandow talking about how ignorant Stone Cold is and how the fans needs saving.

So, with this current roster I see Sandow, Cena, Bryan, and Punk succeeding.

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