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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Oh dear god, so its getting on to 4 days since I vowed to have Grey vs Myers up and reviewed. Dear christ with this sort of relaxed attitude its a wonder I managed to obtain a degree. I will have Grey vs Myers done tonight, in the meantime however I want to link people to a match which despite not being contested in WOS remains exceptionally similar. Its from the early 1960s and sadly the youtube link despite running for 30 minutes cuts out a minute or two before the finish...but what we get is 30 minutes of some of the most intricate and mind-blowing wrestling I've ever seen. Its not for the faint of heart given its 60 years old and runs for 30 minutes, but if you want to give it a chance I'll be shocked if you regret the decision:

Gilbert Cestra vs Billy Cantazarro (1960s)

How good is this match? Its at worst a top 10 match in the history of wrestling for my money, that's how good it is. The grappling, the counters, the timing, the pacing, everything is just wonderful and transcendent for its time. People talk about how Dynamite Kid is a pioneer in the 80s but these guys are pulling off sequences and transitions that people today would be lucky to ever replicate. What makes the match even better is that it has a clear story of parity and one-upsmanship and feels like a grappling equivalent to Flair/Steamboat in that both guys come off as the definition of rivals. There's plenty of stiff strikes in amongst the wonderful chain wrestling and there are about half a dozen counters/escapes I can't recall ever seeing before. GREATNESS.
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