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Originally Posted by GothicBohemian View Post
Warren Zevon

Every time a potentially controversial thread begins attracting attention you always seem to appear, posting the opposite to the majority viewpoint. I don't know you – don't much want to, based on your activities here - so I have no idea if this is an attention getting troll habit of yours or if you are sharing your genuine opinions. It doesn't matter, because either way you're still deliberately picking fights on sensitive topics.

You said yourself that Rants is a place where folks trade insults and whatnot and that it doesn't bother you because it's harmless. That's true; most of the time that's what goes on in here. Your participation, though, is slightly different. You are aiming to get people where it hurts by attacking who they are as human beings *1, either because you enjoy sitting back calmly while others stomp their feet over your declarations or because you think there's something honourable about your 'morality' that places you above all this.

I get that some people have differing beliefs concerning family than I do. If you truly think a parent owns their children as part of a family hierarchy (husband - wife - offspring), that marriage is a special bond that should break only in extreme cases, that the only valid relationships are heterosexual ones and that community (family, friends and neighbours all preferably of the same background and race) are more important than society as a whole that's your business and I'd be willing to agree to disagree, even though you take it a few steps too far.

Today I see you going on about racial mingling as damaging DNA and leading to societal chaos. Listen up, you fucktard – I'm a white/native (or do you call that Indian? I bet you do.) mix. There's not a damn thing wrong with my DNA. I willing to bet I'm smarter than you, a better athlete than you, more educated than you, more successful than you, better looking than you and generally happier than you since I don't sit around bemoaning the collapse of society while worrying who might be trying to steal my car.

You're not unique. There's nothing exceptional about your views or any nobility in expressing them. Because I look 100% white (especially if I dye my hair lighter) people say things in front of me that they wouldn't if they realized who they were talking to. I know this because when my hair is black the 'dirty Indian' jokes disappear and strangers sometimes ask about my ethnicity because now they think I might be mixed. Funny that.

Anyway, I've wasted far more time and words on you and your motivation for sharing your wisdom online than I'd intended. Your ideas, combined with your almost robotic lack of emotion in forum discussions, tend to bring this out in people. I suppose that's a talent of a sort so, er...congrats, I guess. I have a feeling that, if you are being sincere with your statements, you'll either have a change of heart or at least one dysfunctional relationship with a loved one later in life when your belief system is challenged in the real world. *2
*1 - I do not know anything about anybody here aside from their screen names, avatar and signatures. I am simply posting and defending my beliefs, and I have stated many times that I am of the belief that opinions can be neither right nor wrong. I do not mean to attack the beliefs of others, and if I am coming off that way, I sincerely apologize.

*2 - I have been around enough where my opinions have been "challenged" plenty of times. I do not care what anybody other than the people who are important to me think about my character.

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