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Re: Rate the wrestlers you hate

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
I could say the same about your taste. Who's to say an one-sided match can't be exciting? Most of Angle's matches are equal in the way that usually him and his opponent just get there shit in and trade finishers and near-falls.

Lesnar/Cena was fantastic because how Cena sold that beating and how unstoppable Lesnar looked. Cena has to over come the odds and find a way to defeat Lesnar. It had a decent story, which most Angle matches don't even both to include and that's the point of pro-wrestling.

Filled that in for yah.

Cena's body of work smokes that...

Cena vs Umaga RR.
Cena vs Lesnar ER.
Cena vs Punk MiTB, SS and NOC.
Cena vs HBK WM and Raw '07 & '09.
Cena vs Mysterio Raw '11.
Cena vs JBL JD '05.
Cena vs Edge UF '06.
Cena vs Batista WM and ER.
Cena vs HHH vs HBK SS.
Cena vs HHH NOC.

All carryjobs right?
Full of BS on how good/bad you think the matches were. And if you didn't watch some of them, then why are you basing your opinion exactly.

That list is shit, so many of them were average at best nothing special.

Kurt Angle & Benoit vs Edge & Mysterio.
Kurt Angle vs Michaels Vengeance.
Kurt Angle vs Hogan. Made him tape out.
Kurt Angle vs Taker vs Rikishi vs Trips vs Rock vs Austin HIAC.
Kurt Angle vs Trips Unforgiven.
Kurt Angle vs Trips vs Rocky SS.
Kurt Angle vs Jericho 2002.
Kurt Angle vs Rock vs Undertaker Vengeance.
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe - Lockdown 2008.

I don't know I think this will end up at you saying Cena is better than Benoit too.

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