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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by THunter View Post
Well said.

When I watched the Tensai vs. Ryback match, it looked fairly clear to me that two things went awry - the first being the technique in which Ryback used to lift Tensai - because as opposed to a simple lift onto the shoulders (of which I'm sure Ryback could have achieved), he instead attempts to utilise an unorthodox technique of lifting, with the arm through the opponents leg, whilst also as a result being slightly off balance when lifting. It's just a recipe for disaster, no matter which Superstar was to perform the same move on Tensai.

Secondly, Tensai clearly didn't jump and leverage himself into a suitable position for Ryback to then follow through with. I would probably be more inclined to blame Tensai than simply Ryback, blaming "a lack of power", when in reality, that is unlikely to be the case.

If Ryback was to perform the FU on Tensai, I'm sure he could accomplish it, because the technique of the FU requires a very simple first stage in the lift. A straight forward carry onto the shoulders. Whereas with Ryback's finisher, there is the awkward hook of the leg, and the lack of balance as a result of the leaning due to the apparent need to grasp in between the opponent's leg.

I just find it slightly stupid how the "IWC" focuses far more upon the negative aspects than that of the positives. Why? Because it's probably easier to bitch and bicker, as opposed to giving credit when and where credit is due unfortunately.

Personally, I'm enjoying watching Ryback. He just needs to slightly alter the manner in which he lifts his opponents - simply tweak the lift to that similar of the FU and F5 - and Ryback will be back on track. I'm not expecting to see 45 minute wrestling classics from Ryback, but what I am hoping for, is variety. It's nice to watch the WWE and see a variety of wrestlers and matches, from the newly inspiring tag team division, to Ryback's crushing victories, to lengthier matches involving Punk (who is a slightly sloppy wrestler if we're going to nitpick like girls) etc.
Oh shut up. Ryback sucks. End of story.
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