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Re: Pedophile

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
so your sister is dating a child predator but you're mad at the judicial system? and you know not your sister for endorsing child molesting.

nvm i missed the "at the time" in the op. w.e the world is fucked up. children should be smart enough not to get preyed on though. i don't recall trying to meet anybody from the internet when i was a kid b/c i was not retarded.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
He is a bad person because he warned the children?
If my children were on the bus I would say thanks to JihadJake because he warned us
Cause if you're not too careful they'll snatch your kids right from underneath your nose, crafty wizards Pedophiles

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
There are terrorists on the plane!

Shut up man! I try to relax
I bet you enjoy those news programs that introduce themselves like "Is the water your drinking currently corroding your internal organs? Find out after the break"

Terrorists don't mind fucking up everyones day by taking them all hostage to do whatever it is they do, a pedophile (from what I am aware knows they're a deviant and tries to act transparent public transport doesn't seem like a logical place to prey on an innocent) technically you're locked in a moving cabin with random humans all of which can be more fucked up motivations than your creepy pedo ass.

How about quietly informing the bus driver about said pedophile and requesting he keep an eye on it so as to make sure if it could somehow coax a child away from its shitty excuse for a parent he could react by not allowing the seed off the bus. There are ways to deal with situations in the public.

Pedophile is the new "Witch" it's dangerous as fuck to be yelling out "so and so is one" unless you are 100% sure and while in this case he might be one, what would happen if you suspected someone of being one yelled it out and some crazy mofo just stabbed the dude for possibly being a pedo based of what some dude on a bus said?

Let justice take its course however slow it is chances are if it's related to sexual crimes of a minor they will get theirs in prison when the time comes.
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