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Re: Rate the wrestlers you hate

I'd really like to hear what some people's interpretations of 'psychology' and 'storytelling' are. Especially in regards to those who critiqued Punk's game where those aspects are considered by the vast majority his strongest assets in-ring nowadays.

Give me one match that is better than Kurt Angle matches. He's the goat because he has a real wrestling background and he back it up in the ring with anyone. Go ask Cena himself and he will tell you with a smile in his face that Kurt is better. Kurt Angle in the WWE was constant with his work whether in the ring or on the mic something you don't see everyday. since when does Cena even sells moves, have a clue dude. So you're telling me that Cena is not booked as a wrestler, well you got that right he's just an entertainer (doesn't have an enough clue how to wrestle like Angle) he's not an olympic gold medalist you know. Also Kurt Angle has more charisma than Cena, look at the big crowd reaction he gets. The guy was the most entertaining guy in the WWE along with Foley, Rock, Austin etc. until he left WWE. Whether you like him or not, it's not my problem that you're so PG and have a little knowledge about the past.
Having an amateur background does not make someone a great pro wrestler though. It's an entirely different system. It may make you a better athlete (and not many, if anyone, could touch Angle in his prime) but it doesn't necessarily translate to a great worker.

It's funny how this debate arose. I came across a Finlay interview tidbit on Youtube a few days ago in between work and found out that he was the one who trained Angle when he first made the jump from an Olympic-trained sport into professional wrestling (or at least had a huge part in it. He said Angle would likely never admit to it although I saw that as a bit of jostling). He talked about how Angle remarked that he always saw pro wrestling as "punching and kicking" and taught him to put holds together (as well as headbutt people apparently). Lo and behold, a Twitter comment Kurt made a while ago in regards to the PWI's listed top 10 saw him remark how pro wrestling was all about "getting your big moves in."

A lot of people see the guy as someone who has the pieces of pro wrestling on pat but can't assemble them by himself unless he has someone in there slowing it down for him and working at a smarter, more digestible pace. Those stories where Eddie would lose his cool with Angle after some of their matches weren't just something to completely disregard you know.

: About Cena. Punk today had put on good/great matches with Ziggler, Sheamus, Bryan (He fought with Cena and the match sucked), Henry, Jericho, Mysterio, ADR, Morrison, etc. What did Cena do with them absolutely terrible. He never was constant, boring most of the time and only shines with the best.
You think everyone of those matches sucked? In a bit more detail, what was it that made Cena's matches with those guys so much different (and worse) to those which Punk wrestled against them?
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