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Re: Rate the wrestlers you hate

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
You know, you really fail at debating.

I think Cena is better than Angle. It's an opinion that's in the minority but I've backed it up. You on the other hand are just posted horseshit like 'LOL YOU NO NOTHIN BOUT RASSLIN IF YOU THINK DAT!!! ANGELS DAH BEST RASSLER ON DAH PLANET!!!'. If you honestly think Angle is better than Cena AND you could back it up and tell us WHY those matches of Angle's are so much better than Cena, I could maybe, JUST MAYBE, respect your opinion.
How in the world have you backed up your opinions? 95% of Cena's matches are garbage, just like his feuds. Truth, Miz, del Rio, Sheamus, Kane, Big Show- all garbage feuds filled with unmemorable formulaic garbage matches. Have you ever seen Angle do that? Have you ever seen Angle go through 5 shit feuds in a row filled with inane 2.5* shit matches? No, you haven't? That's right you haven't.

Every time Kurt stepped inside the ring at RAW chances were almost certain that you're gonna be entertained as hell by his character, his promos, his antics and witness the match of the evening. Every time Cena steps inside the ring at RAW (or on PPV for that matter) you can only hope that you wont rake your damn eyes out. Bland, boring, void of any innovation, creativiy or subversiveness, just the same old formulaic lackadaisical, "just another day in the office" lackluster performance.

And it doesn't matter whether it's the "embrace the hate" feud with Kane, Lil' Jimmy fued with Truth or the one with Johhny Ace backed Big Show, it's always just "bussiness as usual", same antics, same match formula, same behaviour inside the ring, always exactly the same garbage match with little to no deviations from the basic recipe.

And coserning criticism of Kurt's psychology; yeah, Kurt may sometimes get carried away with his spots and stuff but almost always delivered, and mostly delivered the kind of matches that are unforgetable and have became legendary. Cena rarely delivers anything, and most of the times it's below nothing. Maybe 1 memorable match every 10 PPVS and one good match every 20 RAW performances. You've never seen Angle do that, you never saw Kurt struck out 9/10 of his stuff as garbage filler performances.

Honestly, Punk has had more great matches in the last year then Cena had in his whole career. Someone like Kurt is beyond comparison and to even try that is laughable and borderline troling.


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