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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

Quick results for The Zodiac Crimes:

Spoiler for Zodiac Results:

Touchdown and Hatfield beat the Bravados when Veronice distracted the ref and Touchdown threw his football in the face of one of the Bravados who was in the middle of an O'Conner roll, which was reversed for the three. Fun stuff and there was even a halftime during the match, complete with cheerleading performances from Veronica and Lancelot. Throwbacks get two points while the Bravados go from two to zero.

Ophidian beat Akuma in a short match. The top rope came loose so it kind of fell apart. The finish was botched as Ophidian reversed a reversal for the pin, but Akuma's shoulder was up and Yost hesitated on his three count.

Saturyne beat Amber O'Neal with a headscissors submission. Okay stuff. Amber's outfit was very cheeky. She wasn't a great base for Saturyne's lucha offense, but she's a good heel.

The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger won his open challenge over an Alabama indy guy. Another short match which Stranger won with the Alabama Jam. He cut a promo afterward saying he has been rising and rising and was time for the plane to touch down. Not many people got the pun.

Donst and Jakob beat Soldier and deviANT. Both teams just couldn't get along. Donst's anger made Jakob angry. Friendly fire by Jakob on Donst got Donst angry. Finish was Donst getting Soldier in the stranglehold submission while Jakob was apologizing for the friendly fire. After Soldier tapped out, Donst made Jakob get on his knees and take a Sliding D as punishment. Donst then called out Kingston and made the belt motion. Donst and Jakob have two points.

assailANT beat Sugar with a crossbody rollthough into a DVD in a surprisingly short match. assailANT was trying to be a babyface. Nothing memorable. Sugar gave assailANT a fistbump after the match.

Main event was a 10-man tag with Icarus, Chuck Taylor, the Shard, Obariyon and Kobald versus UMB, Hallowicked, Quack, Fire Ant and Green Ant. Good 20-minute match. Near the end, Chuck Taylor's knee bent the wrong way on a Colony double-team move and he rolled out for good. UMB pinned Icarus with the Praying Mantis Bomb. Babyface celebration to end the show.

Seems like a rougher show then Deep Freeze due to the reshuffling, hope everyone is ok.


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