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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The Slamboree Benoit/Meng fucking rules. Benoit v DDP from SuperBrawl 98 would absolutely be an essential Benoit-In-WCW-Match as well. The Raven match at Souled Out 98 is probably the second best Raven match ever, and the Benoit/DDP/Raven three-way is also really good. Benoit also has really great short TV matches with Guerrero and Finlay in 1997. Hell, there's a million good Guerrero/Benoits in WCW. Every match with Booker T is good, and I've seen probably 13 of them. There's an Eddie/Jericho v Benoit/Malenko match from a 98 house show that I liked a ton. Every time he tagged with Bobby Eaton was a good time. Totally carries Sid to what's probably his best match at Souled Out 2000. Fall Brawl 96 v Jericho is really good. Souled Out 99 v Mike Enos is really good. The 9/20/99 Sting match is terrific and a top five Nitro match ever. There's two awesome Benoit/Mongo McMichael v Eddie/Jarrett matches which are two of the better Nitro matches ever. I forgot the Benoit/Finlay from June 98, which would also be a top ten Nitro match (unless it happened on Saturday Night IDFR- the match fucking rules either way). This is all going off of memory and I'd be forgetting a lot, but yeah, Benoit kicked some serious butt cheeks in WCW. I'd say there's quite a bit of "Don't Miss" for WCW Benoit.

Also IDK about Benoit and Fit not getting enough time on PPV - they got 15 minutes at Slamboree 98, which was the second longest match on that show.

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On last watch I was actually quite surprised how tame/subpar I actually found the Benoit/Angle mat wrestling in the Rumble encounter. Maybe I had it confused with another of their matches (I recall mania 17 having a more extensive mat wrestling portion) but when I actually watched it I never really found many of their counter wrestling and hold trading to be all that 'amazing'. Like I think Benoit/Finlay and Benoit/Regal absolutely destroy that match when it comes to the quality of hold for hold trading and mat wrestling counters.
I would be baffled if the mat work in the Benoit/Angle is any good. They do some nice counters and all, but is it really "mat wrestling" at all? I don't need "mat wrestling" for the match to be good, though. I should watch the match later today.

As far as Angle's best opponent's goes, I wouldn't have HBK anywhere. They didn't have a single match that was one tenth as good as Angle's match with Marty Jannetty. That match also falls under the 'fucking rules' category.

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