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Re: Bill Goldberg: Star or just hype?

Originally Posted by NiKKi_SEGA View Post
How would anyone know who is a 'relatively dull dude' when Vince made them look good you say?
Every star is just hype? like the undertaker?

Post of the year for sure.
Hulk Hogan is a man who can not wrestle, can barely move properly, was balding and Vince managed to convince the entire planet that Hulk Hogan was the best wrestler on earth

The Ultimate Warrior was even less talented in wrestling, was insane, could get gassed quickly in a match due to steroids, and Vince convinced the planet that Warrior was a some sort of god

Bret Hart is duller than dishwater. Vince convinced everyone that Bret was a worthy heir to the role of WWF figurehead and WWF champion and he can beat Yokozuna

Rey Mysterio is a midget. Vince convinced everyone that Rey Mysterio is a world fucking HEAVYWEIGHT champion

Goldberg was an egomanic shit wrestler who got his ass kicked by chris Jericho and he could barely talk and didnt understand anything about the business of wrestling. He was turned into one of the best on earth

Then you get to guys like Austin who just had a superb work ethic but overall was a pretty normal dull guy. Undertaker was huge but otherwise not that noteworthy. Until Vince figured out to bring out their best qualities.

Thats the magic of wrestling. Focus on the positives, hide the negatives to make these averages joes look like perfect supergods.

I mean if you think about it, Wrestlemania 3 was just a fake fight between a guy loaded up on steroids, and a guy who cant move, has a serious thyroid problem and wore a backbrace. And it wasnt even a very good match. But by making them look larger than life and focusing on the spectacle, you made people believe this was the match of the century. When in reality it looked like two guys fighting in slow motion

Thats the nature of the business. Promotion. The same applies in boxing and MMA but moreso in wrestling as it isnt built as much on talent as it is on marketability and popularity

Learn to think before you post newbie

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