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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
I found the Royal Rumble match dull, uniteresting, boring and devoid of any emotion of urgency

Partly its because I knew Benoit wasnt going to win, but still. I just felt nothing. To me it looked like two guys going through the motions.

They could hit a million submission holds for all I care but neither guy looked that interested in the match, there didnt appear to be much of a story. It wasnt a fight. And it certainly didnt look one over the WWE title. It was just two guys grabbing each other in cool looking ways

I'm that way with the Angle/Michaels match from WrestleMania 21. Don't see what was appealing in that one.

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
vs Eddie 11/18/95 (one of the best sub 10 minute matches of all time)
vs Jericho 12/31/96 (one of the best sub 5 minute matches of all time)
vs Kevin Sullivan GAB FCA 1996
vs 2 Cold Scorpio (Superbrawl 1993)
vs Meng 1997

Those would be the essential Benoit WCW matches to watch IMO. He has a few really good Finlay matches which are great for the time they get, though sadly they never really get a real lengthy match like they did in 2006 on Smackdown.

As for Malenko, I really can't think of a better match he's had than the Norman Smiley Saturday Night match: sub 10 minute match packed full of really snug and unco-operative grappling/mat wrestling and without some of the more annoying pitfalls which dominate Malenko singles matches.
The Finlay/Benoit matches were still good. Slamboree '98 being the main one. 14 minutes and they gave us something worth while(***3/4). First time Benoit took the suicide dive into the chair spot...unless he did it upon a random ECW/Japan match.

Which Meng match are you referring to? They had two on PPV that year and they both run through my mind. Youtube is calling my name to settle this.

Oh, Benoit vs Sullivan from Superbrawl '97 is another superbly short bout. Swandive headbutt spot onto both Sullivan & Jacqueline. Radical. Fans ate that up so much.

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