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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Hard to choose a top five without a criteria in place but here goes-

5) Dean Malenko
4) Goldberg
3) Hollywood Hogan
2) Sting
1) Ric Flair

Honorable mentions to- Outsiders, Savage, Stieners, Luger, DDP, Guerrero, Vader

I might get ripped for this pick but Malenko was massively over with the fans (ex. Slamboree 98, or when ever he was going to apply texas cloverleaf) and was a top notch ring performer. His series with Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero produced some spectacular matches, and on top of that he gave the Crusierweight title credibility.

Pretty self explanitory that Goldberg is included on this list. Most over star of 1998 by far. Competed in one of the most anticipated title matches in history vs Hogan and is what kept the fans coming back throughout late 1998 and 1999. With out Bill there rating would have been worse then they were.

Hogan being the third man and the running mate of the outsiders revolutionized the wrestling buisness. With out Hogan, Hall and Nash creating the nWo there would have been no D-X and no late 90,s wrestling boom. I still believe Austin would have gotten hot otherwise but not near the level he was.

The franchise of WCW could do it all. His matches with Flair, Austin and Steamboat were some of the best matches of the early WCW. Even when he wasnt an in ring competitor fans still wanted to see what Sting would do next. Part of the biggest angle in WCW history and unfortunetly part of the early signs of the death of WCW. ex. Starrcade 1997

Hes just Ric Flair not much else needs to be said. He was certaintly the most over in WCW from its inception in 88 untill its close. Battles with Hogan, Steamboat, and Savage are legendary and even late in his career could bring fans to there feet either to boo him out of the building or cheer him. Saved WCW's ass more than once with Starrcade 93 being the prime example.

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