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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Tbh a lot of their matches which aren't the most famous sort of blend together so its hard to think off the top of my head. I remember thinking the October 98 match (10/31?) was a clear step and a half below their 1/20/97 match, and the remaining end of the decade matches didn't come close to improving their 1997 masterpiece. GHC NOAH 2003 match is one of their weaker matches to me, just something I find to be too excessive in terms of the Puro Main Event style. I do recall really digging one of their Champions Carnival matches, I might be mistaking it but one that spings to mind is a 30 minute draw which ultimately leads to Kawada winning the tournament due to the Misawa/Kobashi draw basically fucking up their stamina. It might not be the match I recall thinking was super nifty, but that's the only one that springs to mind.

Kobashi/Takayama 5/26/00 also needs some loving. Feels like a lesser version of their 2004 match in terms of spectacle and atmosphere, largely because its Takayama's coming out party whereas by 04 he's a monster and reveared throughout Japan. At one point I found it a better match than the 04 encounter in terms of the sum of its parts (think Kobashi's arm selling was more succint here than in the 04 one) but I'll probably rewatch both in order to reassess that view when it comes to the BOTD poll.

Kawada/Kobashi is a really dark area for me, only their broadway 95 match is something I have a proper recollection of. Would rank it far lower than a lot of the big singles bouts from that era, but as far as 60 minute draws go I've seen a lot worse. Still I find Kobashi/Kawada to be a far better pairing when they go for shorter but more impactful matches rather than 30 minute plus matches.

Might actually try and watch that 96 Misawa match soon, be interesting to try and watch a match or two of theirs which I've forgotten/struggle to remember much about.

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