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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Beyond Wrestling "Swamp Sessions"

Brian Fury vs. ACH:***
-Fury acted like an old school grizzled veteran and I loved it
-ACH doesn't know how not to impress with his pizzazz. He probably should work on that before people expect to much from him. But honestly he only busted out a couple flashy moves which was good here
-Good opener to set the tone with solid work
-Ending had a weird build

Jaka vs. Matt Taven:***1/4
-Taven looks like a guy who could go to the WWE so not surprised they were/are interested in him
-Jaka does his Samoan savage character well. I don't like it but he did it well
-It is the Heel/Face work by both that helps this match out
-Liked that the interference by Taven's lady during the match played into the ending
-After the match says to his woman "This is why I can't take you out"

TAG TEAM GAUNTLET: JT Dunn/Mark Shurman vs. Tim Hughes/Steve Weiner vs. Julian Starr/Elia Markopoulos vs. Anthony Stone/Kellen Thomas:**1/2
-Most intriguing part of the match to me was the middle with Dunn/Shurman vs. Starr/Markopoulos. Bookends were less so
-Julian Starr does this awesome springboard crowd surf jump like thing. Pretty sure there isn't a better name than that
-Wanted to be impressed by Dunn/Shurman but whenever it looked like they were going to they seem to mess up
-Stone is a guy I can't look at and take seriously. I want to but I just can't
-Made Dunn/Shurman look dominant even if they had to cheat for parts of the match

Drew Gulak vs. Biff Busick:***
-Gulak is a BEAST in Beyond
-Busick looks like a future BEAST in Beyond
-I am a real sucker for gritty grappling like which goes on here

CAPTAIN'S MATCH: Johhny Cockstrong/Dan Barry/Ken Scampi/Bill Carr vs. Pierre Abernathy/Evan Gelistico/Gary Jay/RD Evans:***
-After Cockstrong and Evans match at Double Trouble I don't know why this feud needs to continue
-That being said Evans is still FAN-mother trucking-TASTIC
-The stipulation didn't seem to play into the match too much even though Cockstrong and Evans have most of the pin attempts on them(I know that sounds like they did well with the gimmick but trust me it seemed off)
-Fun match for what went on here
-This match leads itself to another Cockstrong vs. Evans match and hopefully they get to do a gimmick match and have a big blowoff. I really liked their match at Double Trouble so if these guys were given the chance to top it I would buy into that

Sugar Dunkerton vs. Eric Corvis:***
-Pretty short match but there is a lot of fun stuff in the short time
-One of the best Sugar singles matches I have seen
-Uses some comedy and some nifty moves to deliver a good match that I wasn't expecting a lot from

Darius Carter vs. TJ Marconi:**3/4
-Apperently these two use to be tag team partners and things went south
-Marconi is a big fella, especially by indy standards, but not fat like a lot of big guys in more average companies
-They played up Marconi's boot through out the match but it didn't play into the ending as I had hoped
-The end of the match was pulled almost straight from Extreme Warfare Revenge. Not a bad thing

The Batiri vs. Mark Angel/Nick Talent/AJ Evers:**1/2
-Wasn't really impressed here
-Angel is able to play a cocky, athletic heel but in two different ways. I don't know how it works but it does
-I feel like I am missing something because The Batiri are red hot and I don't understand why

3/5 FALLS MATCH:Aaron Epic vs. Dave Cole:***3/4
-Helluva Match
-Epic looks like with every strike he hits with the force of a donkey kick
-Cole was the heel and damn if he wasn't a real fine heel and overall worker here
-They used the stipulation to their advantage and gave them a little more freedom than if it was a 2/3 falls match(which apparently they had but it hasn't been released yet)
-Epic goes for the Fastball Punch but for almost the entire match Cole has it scouted which is just super. Its like Big Show's KO punch but Big Show is 7 feet 500 lbs so he doesn't exactly need it. Epic uses it whenever. Out of desperation or when he has full control. And it makes sense
-Cole looked like he had flash and substance which is fantastic for Beyond
-After a re-watch this could honestly jump up to a low end MOTYC for me
-This is the kind of match that turns me into a fan of a company

Overall:This is my second time seeing a Beyond Wrestling show and it sure did impressed. I watched Beyond under the advice from a friend and I'm glad I did. Up until the main event it seemed on par with Double Trouble but then Epic and Cole had a really good match that makes me want to see another show. None of the matches were bad on this show which is probably the best thing I can say about a show. When you can go from opener to main event and not be bored the company is doing something right. And I love when the best match of the show is the main event. Another thing I can say about Beyond is that they have the liberty to decide the importance of a match which doesn't happen to a lot of companies. By that I mean that if they really wanted to they could have had ACH vs. Brian Fury, or the Captain's Fall match, or Gulak vs. Busick as their main event if they wanted to put the importance on one of those matches instead of Epic vs. Cole and I wouldn't say the decision was wrong. And they don't go the route of a DGUSA or Evolve where they have 2-3 main events which seems to lessen the importance of the match. I like to believe the main event doesn't need to be the best match on the card but does need to feel the most important. I give this show a sure fire thumbs up. Not the best show of the year but if you want to see a lot of different guys you may not see other places, or do see but don't seem to get the opportunity, I urge you to try out this show.
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