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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
Yeah, Angle/Taker is definitely a great match. I said recently 06 SD Angle might be my favourite Angle and this was the #2 match of his career by a hell of a lot. #1 is SummerSlam 01, obv, but I'm trying to think of #3 and I can't think of any match that's near as good as the match with Taker. SummerSlam 02 v Rey might be #3, but Id take the Taker match over it EASILY. I used to prefer the Taker match from 03 to NWO 06, but it's probably been three years since I've watched it.
Off the top of my head, Summerslam 2002 vs Rey, Smackdown 2003 vs Taker and maybe one of the Austin TV bouts (they seemed to have a shit load of very good TV matches on and off from 01-02) would be Angle's third best WWF/E match behind the obvious Summerslam 2001 and No Way Out 2006 matches. Didn't Cal have the 03 Taker/Angle match incredibly high on his WWE ballot? I know he's a huge fan of it and on last watch whilst I had it a little lower than he did in regards to 'Best TV match ever' its still a superb TV match and definitely an example of Taker being a consistently strong opponent for Angle.

Pretty sure Cal was a big fan of their SD 2006 match, though I honestly can't recall much about it other than thinking its another strong edition in their 06 series. No Mercy 2003 vs Cena also seems to be a fairly popular 'rarely talked about match', think Crossface wrote a scorching review at the other place and really dug it, though I can't recall how recent it was (may actually have been for the WWF/E poll). Pretty sure there's one Benoit match that isn't the Rumble encounter which Andy/Cal/Crossface and others dig ahead of their others, I want to say Unforgiven 2002 but I might be talking out of my arse there.

I haven't seen the SD Ironman vs Lesnar in forever but that could also be a contender for 4th/5th/6th best Angle match. At the very least it seems more appealing than either Michaels match or the Benoit series.

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