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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

That might be the single greatest strike Hansen threw in his entire career, well that or the absolutely FILTHY forearm/slap strike he throws at Tenryu on the floor in the famous 'nobody potatoes me' All Japan match.

Agree with the consensus, Kobashi/Misawa 1/20/97 is Kobashi's best singles match, but that Hansen match, Takayama in NOAH 2004, Akiyama in NOAH 12/23/00 and maybe one of the Dr Death matches would round out his top 5. Actually the Honda NOAH 2003 match could sneak into the top 5 as well.

Kawada/Hansen is better though, just the ultimate meeting of uncontained stiff violence vs uncontained stiff violence.

Think Tenryu/Yatsu was the first match I actually reviewed in the Puro thread, adored it to bits and its definitely one of the more violent Tenryu matches I can recall seeing (which says an awful lot given its Tenryu and 'violence').
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