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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Bowlen View Post
In this case: yes. Not only is Tessmacher bad and still not popular, they even know about it. In addition, Tara has no chances of winning this. It would be a waste to have Gail and Mickie in a random match on the pre-show, but it would satisfy me more. And not only me for that matter.

I'm looking forward to four of the matches. Don't get why they dropped the ball on the rest. Knowing that the building will basically be like sold out and they are going to sell a shitload of merch, I hate the idea that they didn't book the best show possible with their roster, because there's no way the show is going to paint red numbers. They even scrapped the Countdown to the Glory match. A show like this should have a real X Division match and not some 2 on 2 in the Aces and Eights case. Also, there should be contract stipulation for Joey Ryan. Why should the casuals be interested in a Singles bout between a former WWF undercarder and some indy wrestler, when there's nothing at stake?

This is one of the reasons, why TNA is still considered bush league. Dumb business moves that could have easily been fixed.
Well when you were just a "dancer" on ECW in WWE, never wrestled, came in a secretary, then a wrestler for little more than a year, and just not hit stardom, it's hard to be widely popular. Like I said before, it's refreshing that we don't have 4 KOs thrown in and just a regular singles match with actual build. It's called advertising. It's not like Kevin Sullivan(TNA Producer) goes up to Prichard or Lagana or Conway and say, "Everyone in this video is mandatory to be here or fans will want refunds". And I think fans are smart enough to know that after not seeing them regularly for months, that they won't show up at the biggest show of the year. The hype videos mean as much to actual build and the actual card as PPV posters, which basically means none at all. And yes, the new crowd wants to see the big names. With that being said, big name female wrestlers are the equivalent to midcard male wrestlers.

Well fans were expecting the turn. So the crowd still loves her. What about when Batista turned on Rey? Kurt and Hogan on Impact after HJ last year until they piped in boos? It's not like they were booing Tess then cheering Tara later on.

On your comment on the show: For TNA standards, 21K to 60K is in the red. They scrapped the match? When? They never said that? I agree with the X Division match, but they probably just made a tag match just so cause a big ass elimination 4 on 4 would seem cluttered. There is a contract stip for Ryan/Snow. As I recall, they said he had a one night contract at BFG, and he gets a full contract if he beats Snow. Why would they be interested? I dunno. Maybe because he was an entertaining midcarder. But, there's always slacking matches at big shows. So if TNA doesn't make a WWE midcarder vs an Indy guy look like Austin/Hart, when's its just team Long vs Team Johnny Ace, and don't put a cluttered 4 on 4 match between A&8s vs TNA, or stuff big female names into the show who haven't been used in months, those are reasons TNA is considered bush league? What?
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