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Originally Posted by 2ndComingY2J View Post
Big Show, save us. Save us from this great white failure named Sheamus. I honestly wouldnt mind seeing Big Show taking that world heavyweight title from Sheamus. I honestly think he would bring back prestige to that title, a seven foot tall five hundred pound giant walking around with that World title knocking people out left and right, just being unstoppable. I thought of another good idea while I'm typing this, why not have Show win and hold the title until Wrestlemania at this time he has already gone over a lot of the top faces, and enters a feud with Ryback. Ryback beats him for the title and becomes the new WHC, Big Show has just solidified Ryback.

But back to my original statement, I hope Big Show wins that title from him. I can't fucking stand Sheamus, I'm sick of watching this irish Cena. Anyone else rooting for Show against Sheamus? I loved their promo at Raw, Big Show acted amazing and legit looks like he got pissed off when Sheamus was acting like Cena. Big Show needs some credibility back and needs to win some big matches instead of always jobbing to the main event faces. I also think he should add on more weight, and look the ECW type Big Show, he looked like a fucking behemoth. Who agrees?
Oh really? Who would have thought...

I'd have them change him up. It's not hard. I'm not one with you people always bitching and complaining about him, but he is far too repetitive, much like the show itself. Not sure why I still watch this shit, especially at the moment.

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