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Re: Rate the wrestlers you hate

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
Point taken about Cena's consistency but I do believe a good portion of his 'bad matches' (vs Miz at OTL comes to mind) have bad booking to blame. He does have bad matches that are entirely up to his fault and his opponents. His match against R-Truth was mind-numbingly bad and bad booking wasn't to blame. What I'm trying to get at is, if you remove all the shitty booked matches from his body of work, he isn't THAT inconsistent.

I wasn't saying his match with the before mentioned guys are 5 star masterpieces, but it really does show of Cena's ability when he got a fun match out of Khali at Judgement Day '07. Cena sold the threat of Khali being a monster that can't be beaten and it made Khali look much better than he actually was.
People tend to forget and overlook Cena's match with Khali when discussing his ability to carry a match.

But I don't believe in carrying a match. To me, it takes two to tango. Surely, one person may contribute more but let's not completely ignore the other's contribution. If one man were able to carry each and everyone to a match then we won't be saying stuff like "They just don't have great chemistry together" That's more than enough proof that it takes two to have a match.

For the past 5, 6 years John Cena has been one of the most consistent workers in the company when it comes to big time PPV matches. He always delivers. His RAW matches leave little to be desired but hey half the time his matches on RAW are against freaking jobbers that last about 3 minutes. Then of course, there's booking restrictions. Are you really telling me Cena can't put on a good match with Miz? Look at that match they had on RAW. How exciting. Sure their Mania match sucked and that I-Quit match was horrible but that's primarily due to booking.

You're wasting time and quite frankly so too am I trying to get a point through some of these thick headed people. But as I always say, what do people who say 'Cena can't tell a good story" know about telling a good story when they say things like "Kurt Angle is a better worker than him" These are people who confuse knowledge of movess with psychology. If knowing a bunch of moves made you a good storyteller, then quite frankly Mike Quackenbush would be one of the best damn psychologists of all time. He's not. He just random shit for random shit's sake because it looks cool. That doesn't make you a good wrestler.

I always say, anytime I could sit and watch a match and be completely bored out of my mind or sit there and analyze the shit out of it, then it's a terrible match. Why? Because there's no psychology in it. I'm not invested in it. It's like a shitty movie. If you sit and watch a movie and you just can't buy in to the plot, nothing makes sense and you just switch the damn thing off then it's a shitty movie. A wrestling match is no different. If all you're going is hitting these impressive lookingshit directly imported out of Japan, it doesn't make it a good match and it certainly doesn't make you a good wrestler. What's the point of hitting 15-20 fucking moves a match and nothing adds up? One minute you work the neck, then it's the back, then it's legs and there's no purpose or meaning behind the moves.

It's hard to get into a match like that. At least for me. I know a lot of people are fans of this style of wrestling. Hard hitting action they call it. I call it a fucking abomination of a match and butchering the sport. No selling, head dropping, high impact moves all in the name of it looking cool. It's funny, the guys who work this style of match (you're Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, the entire ROH roster quite frankly and majority of indy wrestlers) like to think of themselves as pro wrestling and not sports entertainment when quite frankly they put on the biggest spectacle of all time. What other reason is there to trade superkicks? Of all moves, a superkick? What other reason is there other than it looks cool?

So yeah, arguing ring psychology with these people is useless. These are people who go as far to say ring psychology is a made up term. All it takes to them to make someone a good wrestler is a knowledge of holds, high spots and teh movezzz!!!

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