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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

The more I think about it, the more I start to see the cracks in the card. At first I was excited, but I now I sort of agree with a lot of you.

-Aries/Hardy is a great pairing. The BFG series winner with redemption on the mind, the underdog world champion with who envies the success of the the challenger, they're evenly matched, can move quickly, will probably have a great match, and I'm happy with either going over.

-Storm/Roode I agree with. It's almost as if TNA knew that everyone knew this match would happen at BFG, so they didn't bother with a great build. Why did Roode hit Storm with the bottle at No Surrender again? A grudge feud with an MMA fighter that I've never heard of as the enforcer? Meh. That's a useless distraction in the wrong match. TNA has always done this. Jarrett/Rhino...with Tito Ortiz as the special ref...for no friggin reason.

-I think the tag title match is "watery." Angle has main-evented BFG in 2007, 2010, and 2011, and shouldn't just be one of six guys in a 3-way tag title match, especially when two of those guys are Chavo and Hernandez. No disrespect, they're both good athletes, but if they were going to do a tag match, I would have rather it have been WTTCOTW vs. Angle/Style in a stip match (since TNA blew the rematch on No Surrender), or just WTTCOTW vs. Chavo/Hernandez. Either way, this 3-way will probably be a great match.

-Remember when Samoa Joe ended Christian's two-year winning streak? Or when he defended the WHC in the main event of BFG against Sting? It seems like ever since he lost that title, things have just gotten worse and worse. Passed out to Lashley at BFG in 2009, got pinnned by Nash in 2010, pinned by Crimson again in 2011, and now he's defending the TV title against...Magnus? Who gives a shit? The same Magnus who lost to RVD like three times recently? Why not just do Joe/RVD and give them some actual time. Two former world champions for a secondary title is always awesome.

-I haven't followed the storyline between Joey Ryan and Al Snow, even though I heard it was good. You know what I haven't? I don't care who Joey Ryan is, and Al Snow has been a low-card guy his entire career. Spending all this time on this feud is no different than WWE spending eight months on Lawler/Cole.

-And I completely agree about the tag match. After months of buildup, a two-on-two between two guys from Aces & 8s and StingRay? This has been a huge storyline, and this match is too "small" to justify it. An 8-man, 10-man, Lethal Lockdown, even six-man would be better. Get Anderson, RVD, in there, something. If Ray turns...duh. If Sting turns...huh? If ANYONE turns...meh. And I'm definitely annoyed that with all of his involvment in the feud, Hogan won't even be in the match. I hope he has some ringside involvement, that would be cool.

All in all, my thoughts on the matches aside, there is still a lot of potential. The WHC, Tag titles, and Storm/Roode could all steal the show, and everything else could be pretty good.

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