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Re: Which match should main event Wrestlemania 30?

I really don't think Rock/Brock should main event... Cena/Taker is a much bigger match in this Era for the fans, it will be unpredictable, anything could happen and it is perhaps the biggest match of this Era. Rock/Brock is just a showcase match really, as big as it is, it doesn't really matter who wins imo, which will likely be the face (The Rock).

As for Cena/Taker, i'm not sure i want to see heel Cena vs Taker. Heel Cena will be just another...heel. It wouldn't be hard for anyone to believe that heel Cena will lose. However if Cena is face, it is a completely different thing. A bit like how Triple-H/Taker was bigger the last two years because both were top faces. If Cena is heel it wouldn't be hard to see him lose cause a 'heel' Cena isn't exactly Superman. But face vs face Taker vs Cena will be much more unpredictable, specially if the stipulation is I Quit. And i'm not saying Cena should be complete babyface though, he should have a good reason to go for the streak. Like maybe he feels he needs to accomplish something big to prove he is the best, and it becomes a strong goal for him to beat Taker at Mania.

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John Cena turns heel [ ]

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Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]


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