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Re: The Best Simpson's Treehouse of Horror

Treehouse of Horror V, no doubt.


Because that special includes my two favorite Simpsons Halloween Shorts: The Shinning & Time & Punishment.

The Shinning is an absolutely brilliant and hilarious parody of The Shining. It is amazing how they were able to cover all of the key moments from the film in just a 7 minute short and make it the perfect parody. Homer going insane manages to be both hilarious & somewhat scary at points, which only adds to the enjoyment. It basically is The Shining, but told with that brilliant Simpson's wit and zaniness. This is definitely the best short out of all of them, for sure.

Time & Punishment is like The Simpsons trying to do Looney Tunes, and it works brilliantly. Through some mishap with a Toaster, Homer is sent back in time to ancient times where his tiniest involvements alter history in ways that completely change the present time. Homer then has to keep going back to the past to prevent his mistakes from happening and keep history on course. This short is just fast paced hilarity with each new world Homer arrives in getting a huge laugh. And although their time is brief and somewhat random, this short features my favorite use of Kang & Kotos.

The third short is by far the weakest of the three for Part V, but is still highly enjoyable. Nightmare Cafeteria has the Simpsons kids dealing with cannibalistic teachers. It is funny, especially having Principal Skinner as the villain.

The brilliant thing about this special is the running gag with Willie that ties all three shorts together. In each short, Willie finds himself getting axed in the back with a great one liner to serve as the payoff. I love that they used that as a tool to tie all three shorts together. Also, the special ends on a hilarious musical number about being turned inside out. A nice topper to The Simpson's most superb Halloween special.

Thinking through all of them, I'd have to say the second best complete short is III with "Clown Without Pity", "King Homer", and "Dial Z For Zombie" all being among the strongest shorts as well.

Top 20 Halloween Shorts:

20) King Homer (III) = Being a huge fan of the cinematic classic that is King Kong, it was a real treat to see The Simpsons parody the film in their typically quick witted and funny style. Watching Homer as a giant ape and eating everyone was just perfect.

19) "Nightmare Cafeteria" (V)

18) "Tweenlight" (XXI) = The only of the much later shorts to make my list. It was a funny parody of Twilight. Homer asking a ton of questions to the vampire dad was hilarious and getting Harry Potter to play the Edward character was pretty perfect too.

17) "House of Whacks" (XII) = Pierce Brosnan plays a Hal 9000-esque computer entity that is put in command of The Simpson's home. When he becomes infatuated with Marge, things go deadly as he wants Homer out of the picture! This short had a great guest star with a nice set up and some really funny moments.

16) "The Island of Dr. Hibbert" (XIII) = Judging by the title, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what this one is a parody of. The real treat here is seeing all the Simpsons characters become animals. The designs are great and very funny. Dr. Frink as a Turkey being served for dinner = GENIUS!

15) "The HOmega Man" (VIII) = What would you do if you were the last man on Earth? Well if you are anything like Homer, you would play loud rock music and dance naked in a church! LOL!

14) "Bad Dream House" (I) = The very first short on the very first special. An obvious spoof of haunted house movies like Amityville Horror and Poltergeist, this short demonstrated the level of creativity that the creators were willing to go with in these specials.

13) "Bart Simpson's Dracula" (IV) = Mr Burns as Count Dracula??? Seems like a perfect fit, right?

12) "Hungry or the Damned" (I) = The best short from the first special introduces us to those lovable one eyed aliens Kang & Kotos, who we look forward to seeing every year! Instead of being the laughing evil aliens we would grow accustomed to, but the appearance is memorable all the same.

11) "Lisa's Nightmare" (The Monkey Paw, II) = A hilarious cautionary tale as a magical Monkey Paw that grants wishes continuously makes life worse for The Simpsons.

10) "Citizen Kang" (VII) = Considering this short was addressing the 96 Presidential election, I think it is safe to say this short is horribly dated, but given my more cynical political views, it was really funny to watch The Simpsons mock the whole election process.

9) "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace" (VI) = Groundskeeper Willie plays Freddy Kruegar. Nuff said.

8) "The Devil & Homer Simpsons" (IV) = The Devil & Daniel Webster has never been told more eloquently, has it? Anyways, I love having Ned Flanders as The Devil ("Always the one you least suspect") and this short showcases the brilliance of Phil Hartman's voice acting as his character shifty defense lawyer Lionel H u t z steals the show here.

7) "Starship Poopers" (IX) = Remember when Jerry Springer was the hottest thing on TV? Dark times, I know, but it was almost worth it for amazing parodies like this one. When it is revealed that Maggie was fathered by Kang, the custody battle between Homer & the alien is brought on to Jerry's show with hilarious results.

6) "The Genesis Tub" (VII) = You want to know how thought provoking this short is? It was used as an example to highlight philosophical points for classes I took in College. In addition to being funny, the subject matter is pretty deep. Lisa becomes the creator of a very small world where she is confronted with the idea of being a God. Yeah, pretty heavy for a silly little cartoon show.

5) "Clown Without Pity" (III) = A Killer Krusty doll seeks to end Homer's life in this fast paced and endlessly funny short. Honestly, it is funny for the same reason that a movie like Child's Play is funny. The idea of a killer doll in of itself is ridiculous, so it lends itself to great visual hilarity.

4) "Night of the Dolphin" (XI) = Not only is it funny to watch the entire citizens of Springfield get killed by cute & cuddly dolphins, but the true humor comes from the gore. This one might be the goriest of all the Halloween Shorts The Simpsons have done and each time a gruesome death takes place, it gets a huge laugh. Some of them are total out of nowhere surprises and they all look so damn silly that it just works.

3) "Dial Z For Zombie" (III) = "Dad you killed Zombie Flanders" "He was a Zombie?" LOL! Anyways, great parody of Zombie flicks and this short greatly benefited from The Simpsons having such a great large cast of characters because each reveal of who became a zombie was priceless.

2) "Time & Punishment" (V)

1) "The Shinning" (V)


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